Integumentary System

Arjun Khale 3rd period

5 of its functions

Some of the integumentary system's functions are...

That it protects the body from dehydration.

Acts as a receptor for touch, pressure, pain, heat, and cold.

Protects the body from sunburns.

Stores fat, water, and vitamin D.

Protects body from crazy weather changes.

Organs and tissues

Organs and tissues

The integumentary system's organs are the skin, hair, and nails. The skin is made up of the epidermis(outer layer) and the dermis(inner layer). It protects you from harmful things and it keeps you alive. The skin is also self healing. The hair is grown from the skin cells. It is made up of dead skin cells, and it can't feel pain. The finger nails are made to protect the soft tissue at the tips of your fingers.


There are many things that can challenge the systems health. Athletes foot is one of these challengers, it is a fungus that grows on your foot if it isn't kept clean. Athletes foot can grow best in warm environments. Acne is a common skin disease that usually grow on your face. It occurs when hair follicles get plugged into sebum, and bacteria and enzymes cause inflammation with white blood cells. Skin cancer is a disease that is caused from direct exposition to the Sun's ultraviolet rays.


All of these challenges can be treated well. For acne people usually try to keep their face clean with soap and water so that bacteria doesn't cause problems. Or you can ask a dermatologist for an ointment if it's to crazy. For athletes foot you have to mainly keep your foot extremely clean, and you can't wear like tight shoes and you should change your socks daily. See a dermatologist if it gets out of hand though. Treatment for skin cancer isn't so easy though. It has to be surgically removed from your body, but to avoid it you can wear long sleeves shirts and hats to cover up your skin in the bright hot sun. Get your self checked by a dermatologist if your concerned and if you do have it you will be sent to a plastic surgeon.

How does it work with other systems?

The integumentary system works with other systems such as the nervous system. In your skin(dermis) you have many nerves that help your receptors feel pain, touch, heat, cold, and pressure. It also works with the circular system. The skin contains blood cells which travel throughout your body and help you keep a stable body.