Body Langueage

you use them everyday

What it means ...

Body Language is a kind of non-verbal communication, feelings are expressed by physical behaviors. Such as gestures , facial expressions, body posture and eye movement.

Understanding Body Language

These signals may be silent messages communicated through the sender's body movements. Watch other people and learn to read their body language. Thus, for example you can tell a little from looking at a photograph.

Impact of Body Language ...

Body language often has great impact in transmitting messages to the listener. Facial expression and eye movements are very important while conveying your feelings. Smile on the face reflects confidence. If you are in meeting and you are not moving your eyes over all the participants, you will fail to add impact. You need to maintain intensity of voice to match the heat of the topic. Good posture coordinates your verbal language. If you have right body posture, you can easily control your voice. Your body weight needs to be equally balanced on the feet to have correct posture. Try to notice your body posture when you are happy and confident. You will find that your body is equally balanced and consequently, you are taking full breath at ease and body is moving synchronously with your voice.