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Write a Creative Writing Piece - Waking up in a Dystopian World

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Ms. Sibold

English 9 Honors- Period 6

19 January 2016

The rebellions were occurring everywhere. Citizens of the small country of Mystopia had been blockading the Mystopian capitol building because they were constantly disagreeing with the government’s decisions. Soon, the people went completely out of control. Members of the government decided to stop the uprisings and threaten the rebels. The leaders walked outside and wiped out the entire section of land with their bombs and weapons except for a few houses. However, the town was completely destroyed.

My alarm rang loudly through the room and my eyes opened. I got out of bed and went downstairs to the living room. The television was turned on, but it was never turned on unless there was a disaster. My family sat around the TV with tears in their eyes. The president appeared to be giving a speech about the events that occurred that morning and the actions taken against the rebellions. It was reported that close to half of the people in our country died including people very close to me.

I decided to walk outside to see the damage made. The smell of fire engulfed me as I stepped outside. The line of government buildings stood proud and tall, but the land in front of it was covered in rubble and debris. Bodies were scattered from place to place, and it was a horrific scene. My hometown was destroyed. I looked around and I didn’t recognize Mystopia. The people wanted to voice their opinions, not die. The dozens of collapsed buildings served as a reminder to us; it was a reminder that we should not try to overpower the government. I didn’t know what the government was going to do, but I knew it wasn’t going to be helpful. I glanced around me and saw large speakers and cameras being installed. While walking home, an announcement was made on those speakers from the capitol:

“All citizens of Mystopia, the government has made an important decision. We believe that we can prevent these rebellions. Therefore, we are requiring you to abide by the new rules we have set in place. First, each citizen should meet at the capitol building in the morning to collect new information for that day. Next, everyone in this country should wear a white button-down and black pants and most importantly, no one can ever criticize the actions of the government. Failure to follow through with these rules will result in death,” the president said.

One man on the street made a snarky comment about the president, and soon he disappeared. That was when I realized the few people left in our world would be in danger. I feared that our government had become not only corrupt, but also inhumane. I came to the conclusion that soon we would all end up ultimately the same. The government was going to slowly turn us all into robots that had no feelings, and the ones that were not willing would have to die.

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Song Quote Analysis

“The animals, the animals

Trapped, trapped, trapped 'till the cage is full

The cage is full

Stay awake

In the dark, count mistakes”

The song quote above is from the song, “You’ve got time”. This song mainly talks about animals being trapped inside a cage. Metaphorically, the animals being described could represent thoughts. In 1984, due to it being a dystopian society, thoughts are constantly controlled. This is because the Thought Police is often checking up on the population to make sure thoughts do not get out of hand in order to keep the government functioning properly. These thoughts are attacked and oppressed until they are locked away and gone forever similar to the animals described. The cage represents the government, specifically the Thought Police. The walls of the cage represent a wall between the people of Oceania and freedom. Few struggle to gain freedom and escape the cage, but it results in the government holding them back further. In addition, the Thought Police doesn’t allow the thoughts to escape the cage, and if they are found, the thoughts die. The next line states “stay awake”. This means that people need to constantly stay awake meaning that that everyone in the population should be conscious of their actions. The people should not think deeply, but they should think enough to where they do not make a mistake that can harm the Party. Connecting to the next line, counting mistakes is an important part of 1984. A member of the population is one step closer to being vaporized with every mistake they make. These mistakes are weighted heavily against them, and in turn, are very dangerous. Therefore, the people of the dystopian society in 1984 need to consciously make decisions about keeping their thoughts locked in their brains in order to limit their mistakes safely remain a member of Oceania.

New Ending for a Chapter

Part 2, Chapter 1

Winston held Julia’s hand tightly for a few seconds, and she soon let go. She instructed Winston to take a train to the countryside, but Winston was starting to feel very tired; he needed to rest. He trudged up to his apartment noticing the Big Brother signs and immediately thinking about Julia. Could Julia represent Big Brother? She seemed to know too much information. Winston figured if she knew that much information, then she would obviously be a part of the party, or even worse, a spy. There was no way he was going He soon decided to take a quick nap. Winston woke up later and the sun was starting to go down; he knew it was much too late for him to be on time, so he rushed over to the train station to go to the countryside. When he arrived at his destination, Julia met him among the crowds in order to not be seen. They had deep conversations about the Party, and the concept of time. Suddenly, a thought struck Winston. All of her experience and knowledge adds to the fact that she is a spy. The thought went away and they continued on. While Winston was walking with Julia, she pulled out a badge secretively.

Julia said, “They only give these to members of the Thought Police you know.”

Winston stammered and began to walk in the other direction. Thoughts raced into his head. Immediately, he regretted everything he had just said, and he was flabbergasted. There was no way he was going to survive this; he would be vaporized as soon as possible.

Julia shouted back, “I’m not a member of the Thought Police! I just stole that from one! I won’t report you!”

The red in Winston’s pale skin disappeared, and he let out a sigh of relief. They both continued on with their walk sharing each other’s stories and ideas.