Desert Heights Preparatory Academy

Designing Interactive Activities to Support Learning

Learning Objectives

  • Use a variety of apps to create interactive learning activities for your students
  • Discover effective tools that foster critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and innovation
  • Explore a variety of educational projects and Design your own TED-Ed lesson to support your curriculum

Health Without Borders

A book to help you understand why a healthy life style is necessary. You will need the iTunes U app to be able to download the book. You will showcase your learning using Keynote.

Six Word Stories

A creative way to challenge students to develop and refine their medial literacy skills. You too can create your own Six Word Story. Add the Six Word Stories volume to your iBook library.

Using QR Codes for Differentiated Instruction

QR Code driven activities engage students in learning and keep them moving. They are easy to make! Let's get started!!

Designing a TED-Ed Lessons

You too can build a TED-Ed original lesson starting with a TED-Ed original, YouTube video, or TED Talk. It's fun and a great way to engage students in learning.