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December 17 - For with God, Nothing is impossible

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Mrs. Taylor is home and resting. We are so thankful that she was able to return home. Thank you for all your prayers.

The Diocese weekly percentages.

We are in the rural region along with 3 other schools.

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STM Spirit Gear - Don't forget to order your gear!

STM gear now available!! Order yours today using the link below!!

Progress Reports are available on Power School

You can access your child's first-trimester progress report Power School


2. Select Progress/Report Card from the left hand column

3. Select your child's school and grade level to review their report

4. You can toggle between children at the top if you have more than one child enrolled at STM

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New Hours! Monday – Donation drop off 8 AM – 5 PM

New Hours! Mondays until Christmas– open 9 AM– 5 PM
Tuesday—Noon to 5 PM
Friday—9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday—9 AM to Noon

New Updates! State requires masks to be worn.

We are always needing more volunteers, please contact Phyllis Allen at 515-493-9149.

The Rectory Rerun Thrift Shop will be closed
Nov. 27 and 28th

A new door was put in for extra storage!

A very important message from Father Adam

Dear Parents, Please listen to this message and then consider helping out at the Rectory Rerun. Signup below if you are available to be a substitute volunteer: Thanks and Blessings! Fr. Adam

CTO is amazing - Can you help?

I recently had an opportunity to attend a presentation by Jeanne Wells, executive director of the Catholic Tuition Organization, on the impact of CTO on our schools and families. The information was presented in a way that makes us realize how important CTO is to the ongoing success of our schools. When you look at the attached chart, you will discover some amazing benefits but also great challenges our schools face. Some overall information about our schools and families:

…9 of our 16 schools receive CTO assistance for 40% OR MORE of their students

…37% of all of our students receive CTO (K-12)

…our average family is 4.3 individuals, with an average income of $58,006

…IF that family have 1 high school student and 1 elementary student, their annual tuition would be approximately $11,966 … or 21% of their gross income (that would be like a second house payment for these families!)

As Jeanne pointed out, ‘that the majority of these families would not attend our Catholic schools without CTO’. If we lost 2,063 students because of the lack of tuition assistance, what would happen to our schools?

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! As you all know, many of our families have suffered more struggles because of COVID. Fortunately, CTO has the opportunity to raise even more money this year than last year, which is wonderful because our families will absolutely need it for tuition for the 2021-22 school year. There is only 4 weeks left to raise $1 million.

What you can do:

…review the attached chart to see the statistics for your school.

…watch the video: How CTO Really Works (which explains the generous tax credit savings donors receive)

How CTO Really Works:

…forward the video and attached donation form to friends and family ALONG WITH your personal endorsement

…consider joining me in making a contribution yourself…every dollar matters!

Thank you!

Donna Bishop, ED.S

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

601 Grand Ave.

Des Moines, IA 50309

Office: 515-237-5040

Cell: 720-839-4611

Fax: 515-237-5070

While the Catholic Pastoral Center is closed temporarily due to the coronavirus COVID-19, we continue to be of service. Our staff is working off site, our calls are forwarded to us and we are answering email. Holy Mary, Comfort of the Sick, pray for us.

Services provided by the diocesan communications department are supported by generous donations to the Annual Diocesan Appeal. Thank you!

WANT TO BE A SUB AT STM??? You just need an associate's degree. WE NEED SUBS!

January 6th Mass- 4th and 5th Grade

4th and 5th grade will have Mass in the Gym

All other classes will attend online. Please remember students in grades K-8 dress for Mass rather they are in the classroom or the gym.

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Going to be gone?

If your child is going to be gone you must inform Mrs. Lane and your child's teacher.
Mrs. Lane will need to ask specifics about your child's absence because of COVID.

Want to learn from home?

The teachers do not have information preloaded into the student's accounts if they are suddenly sick. Items may need to be picked up for them to follow along.

The teachers may not be aware that the child is wanting to learn online on a sick day. Please reach out to the teacher for details about logging in.

Scheduled time away?

We know that from time-to-time that families need to travel for a wedding, funeral, or other obligations. Please contact Mrs. Lane and your child's teacher once details have been confirmed. This gives the teachers and the school time to prepare for your child's absence.

Holy Spirit Parish

Stay up to date on what is happening in the Parish

You can always find the weekly mass on the page.

SCRIP - Spend money and earn tuition - No Scrip orders till January 11th

If you are curious about SCRIP check out this great video. We use SCRIP at STM to help our school and our families. Contact Charlene Dunphy if you would like to get started.


St. Malachy Calendar - Always up-to-date

It has been updated! YAY


Search for: Creston St Malachy School

We are communicating - Are you connected?

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*Website: - - subscribe to the website to receive updates by email.

*Calendar: - - subscribe to our calendar on your phone and it will update automatically on your phone calendar - we will not send home paper calendars

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*Text: - are you receiving our text messages? Text Y to 68453 and you will receive a confirmation that you are ready to receive text messages. Make sure your cell number is in Power School.

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*Principal Blog: See the Principal’s Corner on the main page.


Twitter: St. Malachy School@STMCreston

Communication is the key to success