Asian Boyz

By: Jake Challenger Peroid: 2 1/13/16


The Asian Boys are a Asian American street gang that was formed in the 1970's. They can be found in many areas of southern California, specifically Long Beach and Los Angeles. They also have members in Massachusetts Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Utah. They originated in Long Beach. They formed due to Asian immigrants being harassed by the East Side Longos, a Mexican American gang.

Most of the gang members are males from Vietnamese and Cambodian descent. The Asian Boys are allies with the Crips. On the East Coast, their colors are forest green, black, and yellow. On the west coast, their color is blue, just like the Crips. They are active in 28 different cities in the United States.

History of their leader

The Asian Boyz were founded by a Filipino American man named Marvin "Shy Boy" Mercado.

He established them in Long Beach California. Marvin Mercado is now in jail for life. A judge slammed him with eight consecutive life sentences for a mid-1990s crime spree that included eight murders, in a quest to make his criminal cadre the most feared in Los Angeles.

Initiation process

Crimes and Punishment

In 1997, the leader of the Asian Boyz at that time, Van Nuys set, Sothi Menh, was arrested in Cambodia, and brought back to the United States after fleeing the country in January that year. He was wanted for committing five gang-related murders in San Fernando in 1995. In September 1998, seven of the Asian Boyz were charged with seven murders, 18 attempted murders and five instances of conspiracy to commit murder in Los Angeles, in 1995.

On August 12, 2006, a fight broke out between Bloods and Asian Boyz gang members at a house in Massachusetts, where a birthday party was being held. Asian Boyz members left the party and allegedly started throwing bottles and other objects. Billeoum Phan, 14, began firing at the Asian Boyz members. One of the shots hit Asian Boyz member Samnang Oth, killing him. Phan was convicted of manslaughter. he Asian Boyz has been in a long conflict with the Wah Ching gang. One of the first shoot outs between the two the gangs occurred in the 1990s at a pool hall. One member of the Asian Boyz was killed by a Wah ching member. This sparked a big rivalry between the two and there has been multiple shoot outs between the two since.