Mrs. V's September Newsletter

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year

Fourth Grade is Fantastic!

We are back in the swing of things here at KES. Students are settling in nicely and we are starting to dive into curriculum. Be watching for nightly homework, which includes a math/reading log.

Please visit Kingston Elementary's school website at Here you will find school events, my homeroom page (, handouts, and other important announcements. Our class website has several helpful websites including our McGraw-Hill Reading site, Think Central Math, Spelling City and Michigan Studies Weekly pages. On these pages I often assign tasks that enrich learning at home. I hope this will be a useful tool throughout the school year.

What We Are Learning!

Homework: Students have homework this week starting with their math/reading log as well as some math worksheets. All homework may be redone for a better grade with the except of true/false or yes/no questions as well as quizzes and tests.

Math: We started Chapter 1 on place value, addition, and subtraction to one million. Please go over nightly homework to make sure your child is grasping the ideas. Also, please sit down with them when fixing homework. They greatly benefit from that one-on-one time with you.

Social Studies: Students are learning about Democracy in America. We are comparing other countries' governments to ours discussing monarchies and dictatorships.

Writing: Fourth graders are learning the components of friendly letters and starting their own letter. They are taking a challenging experience of funny story from their lives and writing to a loved one about it.

Science: In science we have started with a Mystery Science lesson called, "Why do Plants Flower?" This week students made, and pollinated, their own flowers.

Remind Text

Remind is a communication system that allows me to keep in touch with parents via text message. If you choose to join my "classroom" through Remind, you will receive occasional text messages from me. I will send out messages to inform or remind you of important dates, events, times, tests, assignments, etc. This is a completely private service, meaning I will not know your phone number and you will not know mine. I hope to have a high level of participation because I think it will be a benefit to our communication, but your child will in no way be disadvantaged if you choose not to participate or are unable to do so.

If you are interested in joining my Remind classroom, please follow these steps:
1. Send a text to 81010 with the message @k88ef9.
2. Follow the brief instructions that are texted back to you.
3. That's all!

Once you join, I will be notified and you will begin receiving any texts that I send out.

Birthday Treat Change for Third through Sixth Grades

Many schools have been moving away from individual birthday parties throughout the year, to one big celebration for all birthdays at the end of the year. This year, we are going to try that with our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

What are the benefits of doing it this way?

1. We have many students with allergies related to common baking ingredients.

2. Students with summer birthdays will be able to celebrate their birthday at school now.

3. Students will not feel bad for not bringing a treat on their birthday.

4. Less instruction time will be lost with this new model.

Here's how it will work:

Towards the end of the year, we will set a date for each class to have a big birthday party. Instead of bringing in a treat on your child's birthday, you can donate supplies for the party or volunteer to help if you would like. We are still in the beginning stages of planning these end of the year parties, but one common thought is to do an ice cream party.

Again, please do not send a treat on your child's birthday. We will celebrate all of the birthdays at the end of the year.


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