Mission Statement

By Vanessa Osorio

Ready for College

My goal for college is to get accepted to the University of Phoenix in Arizona because they have a really good law school there. I would also like to get a major in political sciences and criminology. I know I'll get there if I break it down to smaller goals like making really good grades in school and doing my best in all of my work. I also need to learn how to not put things off until the last minute and do the most important things first.

Ready for Career

My biggest goal is to become a criminal justice lawyer. I want to have my own business and have people work for me. I'd like to work with investigators and people that are involved in crime scenes. I think it would be so cool to present those kind of cases to court. I'd like to work in Chicago because it has one of the highest crime ratings.

Ready for Life

I definitely have a lot of goals in life. A really strong one is my faith. I have to keep it strong all the time. There's always going to be situations in life that will trip me up, but it's important to pick myself back up and learn from it. Another goal that I have is to keep my family close. There's never a day where we don't argue, but I honestly wouldn't be where I am today without them. They're very supportive and that's all I could ask for. My last goal is to end up with the same friends I have now in the next ten years or so. Everyone needs friends, but I believe you're truly blessed if you have at least one best friend. They always manage to keep your head up and help you through the good and bad times.

I believe..

I believe that you can accomplish anything in your college, career and life if your truly believe you can do it.

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