The Four Candy Bros Shop


Our shops name is The Four Candy Bros and our names are Brycen,Sael,Phong,Tye.You should come to our shop because we have the best candy in town.Our shop sells many flavors like chocolate,bannana and many others.we are compeating aginst many other candy cane shops but we have more flavors than all shops and better flavors than all shops.We are posting our fliers all over the internet and city.We are open 24 hours a day.

The Four Candy Bros

Our place is a two story place.And with tramplins for kids to play in and maybe bonce houses for birthdays.Upstairs we have a arcade full of games and gocarts.And on sundays it is buy one get one free.So i would recamend geting candy cans on sundays but not just sundays every day would be good.We are not always open on holidays but sometimes like christmas we sell holiday candy cans.And if you need to know our shops name is The four Candy bros and our slogan is grab candy grab life and our phone number is 214-981-4121.