Choking Unconscious

By Emily Marie Zaltzman

Definition of Rescue Breathing

Rescue breathing is the process of breathing air into a person who is not breathing.

How is this condition caused?

When a piece of food or other object gets stuck in the upper airway. Examples are drowning, illness, or just plain choking.

Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms are gasping, gagging, coughing, and bluish lips or skin.

First aid procedures(steps to give first aid).

1. Tilt their head and lift the chin up then pinch their nose.

2. Give 2 slow breaths and blow until chest gently raises.

3. Check for a pulse and make sure the heart's still beating then Call 911

4. Give one slow breath every 3 seconds, do this for about 20 breaths and recheck for a pulse. This is also the same for a child.