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May 2020


Christian Living, Discipline and Knowledge

Holy Cross Separate School

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G. Graci

Vice Principal

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School Council Chairs

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T. Thomas



Our Lady of the Airways

7411 Darcel Ave

Mississauga, Ontario

L4T 2X5


Parish Team

Fr. Thomas -Pastor

Fr. Canisius -Associate Pastor

Land Acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge that we are on sacred and Indigenous territory and thank the Mississaugas of the Credit Nation for being stewards of this land.


"If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it. Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it". (1 Cor.12:26-27)

This month we will celebrate the virtue of Acceptance.

One of the great wonders of the world we live in is that no two people are exactly alike. We may share biological families or national identity or cultural and ethnic identity but we are all very unique and distinct creations. God breaks the mold every time! And that is a fantastic fact of life!

It can also be a challenging fact of life if it makes us afraid. Sometimes differences are scary – especially if we haven’t learned about or don’t understand how people are different.

The virtue of acceptance describes our ability to look at the attitudes and actions of those around us and then just stop and consider without judging them. The virtue of acceptance means that we look beyond what we see - a person’s skin colour, ethnic background, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, and see a person created and loved by God.

An accepting person…

  • Is friendly and open to all God’s people, regardless of age, beliefs, gender, culture or ability
  • Sees the positive traits in all people even if s/he disagrees with them
  • Avoids judging or stereotyping others
  • Understands that there may be more than one way to do things

May the Month of Mary


You are all fair, O Virgin Mary.

You never knew the stain of sin;

You are the glory of Jerusalem.

You, the joy of Israel.

You are the great honour of our People.

You, the advocate of sinners.

O Mary, Virgin most prudent,

O Mary, Mother most merciful,

Pray for us,

Intercede for us with our Lord,

Jesus Christ.

NEW OLA Our Lady of the Airways Virtual Rosary and Reflection on Zoom

OLA Virtual Rosary and Reflection on Zoom (Wednesdays 7:00pm-8:30pm)

Fr. Thomas will be leading a virtual gathering of prayer and scripture reflection on Wednesday evenings during the month of May. All are welcome to join us!

▪ Every Wednesday you will receive an email with both the required Zoom link and meeting ID number.

▪ We will also provide a phone number for those who do not have access to a computer and wish to join us by telephone.

▪ If you are new to Zoom Video-Conferencing and may need some assistance, please email us your phone number and we will be happy to help you!



Class Placements

The planning process that will result in the school / class organization for the 2020-2021 school year will be beginning in the coming months. It is our hope that by sharing the information concerning school organization, you will understand the care and thought that is required to develop a plan for each of our students.

The task is complex, time consuming and because it is consensus seeking, must be the subject of many revisions. The process will begin soon and will continue right up to September.

Our primary goal is to develop balanced classes. A balanced class reflects the diversity of our community and allows the variety of interests and talents of our learners to emerge and be appreciated.

It is our hope that each new school year brings opportunities for students to meet new friends and expand their circle of acquaintances. We try to place the child where he or she will be able to work best and achieve the most success. In building classes we use the following criteria:

1. Heterogeneous groupings—a balance of abilities in each class.

2. A balance according to gender.

3. Best matching the students’ learning style with the teacher’s teaching style.

4. If a child was in a combined class this year, we will do our best to try to place that child in a straight grade class. However, this is not always possible.

5. Social blending—we attempt to place students in groupings where they will learn effectively. This should not be viewed as a grouping of friends. At particular stages, some close friends learn best in separate classes.

The staff are a group of dedicated professionals. Years of meeting the learning needs of children gives them the unique qualifications to make these decisions. It takes many hours of discussion, reflection, revision and consideration of alternatives to arrive at the best organization for our school.

Please note that parental input is important to us and is weighed with other criteria. Specific teacher requests cannot be considered. Rather, if necessary, parental input, in the form of a confidential email to the Principal, Mrs. Graci, should focus on the learning style of the student and the type of environment best for student learning. Emails should be submitted to Mrs. Graci by Monday May 11, 2020. All emails are confidential. HolyCrossInfo@dpcdsb.org

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Each year, the Catholic community of Ontario engages in a week-long celebration of the unique identity and distinctive contributions of Catholic education during Catholic Education Week.

This year’s celebration entitled, “Igniting Hope” is scheduled for the week of May 3 – 8, 2020. Catholic schools are Catholic communities. Catholic schools are faith communities. We all walk and grow together in the faith which we received at our Baptism. And it is the “together” that we grow. Our growth is primarily a relationship with God, who at our Baptism, called us by name. But the response of each of us to that growth is both personal and communal. We grow in our faith in the nurturing atmosphere of our Catholic community be that of our local parish, our home, or our Catholic school community.

This year’s five sub-themes, one for each of the five days of Catholic Education Week, help students to understand the rich meaning of this year’s theme:

Monday- Our Hope in Christ

Tuesday – The Hope Within Us

Wednesday – The Hope Among Us

Thursday – Hope for the World

Friday – A Future Full of Hope

Catholic Education Week begins on a Sunday to highlight the partnership that remains the foundation of Catholic education between our Catholic schools and local Catholic parishes. Throughout Catholic Education Week, we ask you to reflect on the significance of Catholic education’s presence and contribution in our Church, and in our society. We invite all members of our community, to participate in the celebrations and activities that will mark the celebration of Catholic Education Week 2020 in our schools.

With the closure of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic, DPCDSB will share the good news about Catholic education and celebrate Catholic Education Week through a social media campaign called #MyCatholicSchool. Students, staff, parents/guardians and alumni, are asked to reflect on “What do you love about your Catholic school?” or “How are you or your school igniting hope in your community?” and share their thoughts through posts, pictures and videos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #MyCatholicSchool and #DPCDSB_IgnitingHope.

“During these unprecedented times, the theme of Igniting Hope could not be more profound,” added Director Mazzorato. “We invite all members of our community, especially our students, parents/guardians and families, to participate in this social media campaign and share with us what they love, or loved, about their Catholic school and how we can ignite hope in our own communities.”

To find out more about the #MyCatholicSchool campaign, follow us on Twitter (@DPCDSBSchools), Facebook (@DPCDSBSchools) and Instagram (@dpcdsb.schools).

His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins will be celebrating the Catholic Education Week Mass scheduled for Wednesday, May 6 at 10:00 a.m. EST. All students, families, school board staff, trustees, and the broader Catholic community are invited to participate "virtually" in this celebration of the Eucharist by clicking on https://www.stmichaelscathedral.com/live at the scheduled time.

At Home Guides and Learning Resources




Eligibility for transportation is determined based on distance criteria established in Board policy. For Dufferin-Peel C.D.S.B., these are:

JK – Grade 1 1.0 km

Grades 2 – 4 1.6 km

Grades 5 – 8 2.0 km

The purpose of this communication is to ensure that parents of students currently in grade 1, grade 4 and grade 8 are aware that transportation eligibility status for your child may change next year as your child moves, respectively, to grades 2, 5 and 9. As the distance criteria for transportation in grades 1, 4 and 8, may no longer be eligible for transportation when they move to the next grade level.

Effective June 1, transportation eligibility info for 2020-2021 will be available at www.stopr.ca. Please visit the website after June 1, 2020 to confirm the eligibility status for your child for the 2020-2021 school year.

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DPCDSB offers the full-day Kindergarten program in all 125 Catholic elementary schools in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Bolton and Orangeville. Elementary school admissions are open to Catholic children and children of Catholic parents. Kindergarten students must be at least 4 years of age by December 31 of the school year for which they are registering.

For detailed information check the DPCDSB website:


To Register select the link below:



Bullies and mean girls have been around forever, but technology now gives them a whole new platform for their actions. The old "sticks and stones" saying is no longer true — both real-world and online name-calling can have serious emotional consequences for our kids and teens.

It's not always easy to know how and when to step in as a parent. For starters, most kids use technology differently than we do. They're playing games online and sending texts on their phones at an early age, and most teens have devices that keep them constantly connected to the Internet. Many are logged on to Instagram or TikTok and chatting or texting all day. Even sending email or leaving a voicemail can seem old-school to them. Their knowledge of the digital world can be intimidating to parents.

But staying involved in kids' cyber world, just as in their real world, can help parents protect them from its dangers. As awareness of cyberbullying has grown, parents have learned more about how to deal with it. Here are a list of signs to look for if this modern type of bullying has become part of your child's life.


Many kids and teens who are cyberbullied don't want to tell a teacher or parent, often because they feel ashamed of the social stigma or fear that their computer privileges will be taken away at home.

Signs of cyberbullying vary, but may include:

  • being emotionally upset during or after using the Internet or the phone
  • being very secretive or protective of one's digital life
  • withdrawal from family members, friends, and activities
  • avoiding school or group gatherings
  • slipping grades and "acting out" in anger at home
  • changes in mood, behavior, sleep, or appetite
  • wanting to stop using the computer or cellphone
  • being nervous or jumpy when getting an instant message, text, or email
  • avoiding discussions about computer or cellphone activities
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You can now reset your password remotely by registering for the Password Reset Tool. You must know your old password to create a new one.

To reset your password remotely you must first register with the “Password Reset Tool”, which you can do by following one of these two steps:

Students: students.dpcdsb.org and select Password Reset

Staff: https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/PasswordReset/Register.aspx

**Access to personal email/cell phone is required for registration.

Once you are registered, please follow the Password Reset Instructions



Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7, national support service. We offer professional counselling, information and referrals and volunteer-led, text-based support to young people in both English and French.Call at 1-800-668-6868


As parents and family members, the best thing one can do is maintain communication with our children and teens and to be patient and understanding.


The growing concerns about COVID-19 are certainly prevalent in the media, social conversations, and the thoughts of most Ontarians.

Mental Mealth Services and Online Support

Mental Health Services and Supports in your Neighborhood

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