By: Blaise Dunn

Philosophy of Education

I feel better going to Carpe Diem instead of the high school and I feel my work ethic has gotten a lot better and there isn't any homework. I feel as though I can actually get my work done. I don't really know exactly what the schools, state's, or society's idea of being educated is, but I know it's not the best. The most successful people in the world didn't need highschool to get where they are, they learned what they wanted to and I feel like doing and learning things that make you interested is better for you as a person. But that's just what I think.

The skills I’ve acquired from going to school are having a large vocabulary, being able to format emails, write essays, and solve algebraic equations. But some of those I don’t feel like I need like solving algebraic equations. I feel like I will never need to use those in my life ever again. The only useful things i've learned from school is how to create a proper email and how to write an essay properly. Pretty much the only skills I have are riding, driving, working on vehicles, and working on computers. My career goal is to either be a professional driver or rider. I learn quick and i can throw a bike around corners. But yeah I'd need to do a lot of riding and driving if I want to make a career out of it. And I'm gonna need to learn more about mechanics so I can work on whatever vehicle I'm using with ease.

Being educated is something people will need if they want to be successful and make a lot of money and be happy. Everyone says college is the only way to success yet people become way more rich because they find something out without having to go through high school.


i have watched movies, read books, and written summaries about them. I enjoy how easy it is to get help when i'm confused. The only thing i find challenging is writing because i really hate writing. I don't think you need to do anything else differently because what you’re doing is working pretty good. All i can think of that i could do better in is forgetting about BS drama and focusing on my work.


This class has been pretty good and i feel like i learned more in a shorter amount of time then i would have going to the normal high school. I enjoy this class because i just like history. The only thing i find challenging is having to write things because i don't like writing or typing. I'm not sure, but what you are doing now is working. I need to just keep doing what i'm doing and make sure i turn in my work.

The Propaganda assignment is an assignment that i enjoyed. I worked pretty hard at it because Donald Trump is really ugly and hard to draw. We had to make a propaganda poster about a current event and put a picture of it in paper 53 then sketch the picture and add more things too it to make it a real propaganda poster, and yes i followed the directions. I chose this assignment because it's the only one i could remember really, and i had fun drawing ugly pictures of Donald Trump.


I haven't learned much in the class because we are doing the same stuff that i did before. I don't enjoy much about the class to be honest because i don't like math. I only find complex equations hard or difficult. If you could control the class it would be a way better class. I'm doing all the work so i just need to keep doing what i'm doing.

Mathematicians use many methods to solving equations.


This class is pretty interesting and i actually learn things in this class, but Mr Tacata was still the best science teacher I've had. I enjoy going on the field trips to learn more in depth about the subject. The only thing I find challenging is having to write about things I learn because I don't really like writing at all. I think you should keep doing what you're doing because it's working. I just need to make sure I keep turning all my work in.

I'm gonna talk about the current event because it's the only thing I have and because it's the only one I remember. I actually put some effort into it and completed it on time, I think. For the current event we had to look for an event and write a brief summary about it then talk about how you feel about it or about your opinion on the subject you chose. And I feel as though I followed the directions properly. I chose this assignment specifically because it is the only one that I did that I could find.


Music Appreciation

My experience in this class has been pretty good. I like listening to music most of class. I don't find anything about the class challenging or hard because its really easy. We should listen to more music that we like though. Our teacher should still learn to control the classroom.
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Portfolio Interview

1: Blaise enjoyed working with his classmates on a project regarding he history of military vehicles like tanks and planes dating back to WWI. This makes sense given his interest in history and technology, specifically vehicles.

2: His growth in this project was primarily in collaboration with his classmates.

3: Blaise feels that he learns best through demonstration and practice rather than written projects.

4: Although he still "hates" school, he accepts that he has had a more positive attitude about his school experience.

5: Blaise feels the staff could do a better job controlling the stutdents. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to grasp that the class needs to help the staff in exactly the same way by paying attention and keeping the goofing off out of the classrooms.

6: Blaise doesn't seem to want to think this question through. He has some trouble considering the bigger picture outside the classroom it would seem.

7: The typical addition of apathy is the only response I could get.