story of the peace of crane

1000 crane of hope project

About sadako sasaki's life story

Sadako was a young brave girl, who was two years girl, and her dream was to became a physical teacher. When the American blast the atomic bomb at Hiroshima, that time she do not have any infectious disease. when she grown up like a 10 years, disease named leukemia affect in her life, Though that disease was dangerous for people, she joined to Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital to prevent her disease.

The 1000 cranes of hope project

When she was joined to the hospital, old legend people believe, that the person who make 1000 paper fold of crane will fulfill their wish and when she starting making, it will take no longer time her, and finished early then expected time. As she made it, her spirit is known to all over the world, knowing a peace, and everyone collect a donation to prevent the people who are infected by atomic bomb to inspire her wishes. Now, people of Japan proc ted natural spices to fulfill their wishes.