Water Pollution

By: Daniel Jugovic

The world has been battling a issue for a long while now, people polluting water sources such as oceans, rivers, lakes, and seas. Causes of water pollution are runoff from farms, industrial and sewage treatment plants, and rainfall and snow melt that carries natural and man made products to water. One way that you can prevent water pollution is by not using the garbage disposal. Instead of putting solid waste down the sink, you might want to make a compost pile for scraps. Another way to prevent pollution is to minimize the amount of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. DO NOT dispose of these products down storm sewer drains. Water pollution can also effect humans and animals. If fruits and vegetables are contaminated they might form a food borne illness such as salmonella and e coli. Contaminated water may also carry chemicals such as DDT, Chlordane, and Endrin. These chemicals can be found in pesticides so they will damage your body if you consume them. Many countries such as India have had problems with this dilemma. The Ganges river of Allahabad, India is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Also in India, the Yamuna river of New Delphi, India is also so polluted there is suds of the pollutants on the surface of the water. This isn't just a problem in the US but almost everywhere else in the world. The world needs to be more careful about making decisions that may negatively affect their environment around them. When you see a wrapper on the sidewalk, pick it up and throw it away because all of that may end up in a water source near that area. Don't always drink bottled water, try drinking tap water. Recycle the empty water bottles or pop cans so they can be reused to make other things. When you see a clear, non polluted river like lake Tahoe you feel like you are in paradise and you don't really feel like leaving. When you see a dirty, river filled with trash you may feel a little down because of how society treats nature.