My job is to make your life easier!

Olivia Harris

About Me

I'm Olivia Harris. I work very well with 4 - 6 year olds. I give my 110% on focusing just on the child. I love kids! I like playing with kids too. That includes dress-up, sports, playing with toy cars, crafts, tag, hide-and-seek, Xbox or some kind of game system, and so much more. Even making up our own games.

I am a very organized person, so when I make a mess I always pick it up after I'm done playing with it. I have a little experience with watching over kids. I do have experience on having fun with the kids. They always seem to like what I play with them, whether they're a boy or a girl. I am responsible, respectful, kind, fun, and most importantly safe!


I am available on the weekends.

My payment is whatever you think is reasonable for how long I babysat and how many kids I babysat.