Algebra 2 Project

Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

Problem #1. X2+ 12x+ 35=0

-First find what 2 numbers multiply to C*A and adds to B.

A is the number before X2, B is the number before x, and C is the last number.

In this case it should add to 12 and multiply to 35. The #s are 7, and 5.

Now put the #s instead of B.

(X2+ 7x)+(5x+35)

Now take out the Greatest common factor of each group.

x(x+7) 5(x+7)

Then put the two greatest common factors into their own group.

(x+5) (x+7)

Set each group to zero and solve.

x+5=0 x+7=0

x= -5 or x= -7

Grace French 3rd period