SpaceX Dragon

By: Alex Yang

What is the SpaceX Dragon?

The SpaceX Dragon is a free flying spacecraft made to deliver both people and cargo to orbiting destinations.
Dragon Spacecraft
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What are the parts of The Dragon?

The Dragon consists of:

  • The Pressurized Section(Capsule)
  • The Trunk

What is the size of The Dragon?

The Dragon is:

  • 3.7m in diameter
  • 7.2m in height
  • The sidewall able is 15 degrees
  • Orbit duration is up to 2 years
  • The Trunk's payload volume is 14m cubed
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What does the Pressurized section contain?

The Pressurized Section is designed to carry both humans and cargo. It includes the Draco thrusters, Dragon's guidance navigation and control bay, and the Dragon's advanced heat shield.
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What does The Trunk contain?

The Trunk contains the unpressurized cargo, the solar arrays, and it also supports it while ascending.
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What accomplishments have The Dragon made?

The Dragon flew to the ISS with 2,300 lbs of cargo and returned to Earth with 3,000 lbs of cargo.
'Dragon by the Tail!': Video of SpaceX capsule docking with ISS
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