Testing jobs as a career

Testing jobs as a career

Testing jobs have been popular among fresh computer science graduates to enter their career domain and find their niche. This career has been a popular choice for those who have an undying love for coding and wish to write codes and test them for their entire lifetime. The crux of this article is testing jobs, and will help a job seeker to know about the aspects of testing jobs as a career. Being one of a very promising career domain with countless job prospects, it is essential to know the nuances of the trade before you wet your feet.

Information technology being an enabler, softwares play a major role in efficient functioning of various industries. Making it highly essential for software development companies to develop softwares which solve the purpose with the least of human interference. Likewise, software which are developed are tested rigorously for their functionality or any bug. Here the role of a tester comes into play.

As a tester, one needs to identify bugs and loop holes in the code written by programmers and incase of any flaw, the tester sends the code back to the programmer to rectify the error. This makes it essential for a tester to know the intricacies of programming on his tips, so that they can suggest the fixes without investing more work hours than required.

Software industry in India employs 7 lakh fresh graduates and cover up to 24
% of private sector jobs. Software development is the major contributor in terms of revenue and major business comes in from North America and Europe.
Considering the fact that large volume of fresh graduates are absorbed every year, which makes way for seasoned testers to move ahead in their career ladder. Hence, making it a highly rewarding and growth oriented job domains where one can grow annually.

Moreover, if you wish to move ahead in a testing job, you would need to concentrate your efforts in keeping your skill set updated and in sync with the latest industry trends. Information technology as a sector is highly dynamic, where new technologies are brought in everyday making it essential for professionals to keep abreast with the latest developments.

Keeping up with the recent developments and identifying the skills that will help you transit to the next level, is the best practise to follow and advance in your career as a tester.

As far as the remuneration is concerned, as an entry-level tester one is entitled for an annual package of Rs 1.5 to Rs. 5 Lakh. Also some added benefits like; performance linked bonuses, loyalty bonuses and mediclaims, shall increase your earning potential. Once you level-up in your profile and reach the mid-level management your earning potential shall rise up to Rs. 5 to 9 Lakhs annually along with higher performance linked bonuses and annual bonuses.

Keeping your skill fresh and update shall get you a deployment at the client site, which could be in any of the developed nations where the business came in from. And considering the growth model of information technology sector the future scope of testing jobs is bright and promising.