Walter Elias Disney

was the founder of the film company "Walt Disney".


His first works in animation were caricatures for the school newspaper. His works were focused on patriotism and the First World War. When Disney returned to Chicago in 1919 His brother helped him get a job in the studio art Fsmn- Rubin. He started a company with a friend of his but that didn't work out and they soon separated. Disney became interested in animation, and decided to become an animator and established his own animation company.

Disney tried to come up with a unique character and eventually invented the famous Micky mouse. Micky became an overnight success and his popularity was and still is worldwide. Micky is Walt Disney's "face" . As time passed, several movies became "classic" such as Snowhite, Cinderrela, Alice in Wonderland and many many more.

In the late 1940' Disney has come up with the idea of Disneyworld - the amusement park he worked on that for about 5 years. He said he wanted it to be like nothing else .

Disney's empire became very successful .He even started another park in Orlando Florida and that too became an overnight success.

Unfortunately, Disney, who was a heavy smoker, was diagnosed with lunes cancer at the age of 65. Disney died in 1966. His heritage will always live.