Media Violence

Stop the violence that is causing problems in our kids!

Violence in the media- is it really what it seems to be?

Did you know that prime-time television contains on average of 10 violent acts each hour. What about 32 violent instances in children's cartoons. On screen deaths in movies such as Die Hard and Robocop range from 80 to 264! These staggering statistics are an ongoing issue in the United States that has experts and parents alike worrying. Violence in the media is a heavily debated subject today as new forms of on-screen violence emerge . More and more people today are beginning to realize the worsening effects of media violence in our world -the world of technology, is technology itself.

Claim: Excessive use of violence in the media should be limited for teens since it causes unhappy and aggressive attitudes and negatively impacts our society.


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Firstly, many people do not realize how violent video games can actually impact the minds of those who play them often. Viewing violence can elicit through the modeling of acts seen on screen.(Strickland,13). But as more and video games came out, they continued to have better more realistic imaging and better quality sounds. These factors especially increase the neural sensors in the brain which cause it to become more prominent through teens as they experience issues in life.(Strickland, 17). These things can induce fatigue and stress on the brain causing negative outcomes after playing video games with realistic features.

Notice how realistic the first person shooter Grand Theft Auto 5 appears to be!

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Secondly, video games or violent movies are not properly using the freedom of expression as sought out by the constitution. Sure, the games are not physically killing kids, but their effects are. In 1977 Michael Carneal played games such as Quake, Doom, and Redneck Rampage what happened next was one of the many terrible cases violence in the media has brought upon society. Michael shot and killed 3 students at Heath High School in Kentucky. (Gordon, 32). This is just one of the many cases in which violence has induced actual killing in real life. Although many games involve "pretend" shooting with blood/ gore, they all seem very real to kids. Games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 are meant to be used to train soldiers for combat on the battle field.
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Call to Action

In conclusion, there should be better limits on the amount of violence on TV and video games because of the possibilities of psychological damage to teens and kids everywhere. You need to help stop the terrible effects of violence on our young generation. By doing this you will prevent future incidences of violence in society. Do your part- Stop buying overly violent games and movies.

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