South Oaks School

May 2017

Principal's Message

We are Safe-Kind-Learners

Our staff has been working hard with our HSD Behaviour clinician, to review our school wide behaviour system for next year and beyond. With the support of our PTA, we are taking a look at how we can improve the current system, which has been around for many years. Specific details about the new features of this system will be available as we approach the 2017-18 school year, since we are currently in the developmental stages. However, I can say that it will include current understandings of mental health awareness and self-regulation, two important topics that were not being discussed very much when our current system was drafted. More details to come soon!

Our first step was to think carefully about what we believe are the most important behaviours to foster in our students. Of course, Learning is very central to what we do at school. Learning seems to be a very logical goal, which ties into the divisional Deeper Learning initiative. We also decided that Safety was crucial, because learning cannot occur unless our basic needs are met and we feel safe with the people in our school.

Finally, we decided that Kindness was an extremely important value for our school community and a much needed quality for life.

So, if students are feeling safe and are involved in Kind/Respectful relationships, then learning can occur at the deepest possible levels (i.e. Maslow's Hierarchy). So our goal is that students will be able to see themselves as "Safe-Kind-Learners".

We are excited about how this new positive school-wide behaviour system will help to shape our students with good Character, so they can be strong citizens for the good of the greater society in the future. Stay tuned for more details over the next few months.

Dates to Remember

May 4th - Spring Concert

May 8th - Assembly @ 9:10am (Healthy and Active Living)

May 10th & 12th - Pre-Kindergarten Assessments

May 14th - Mother's Day

May 22nd - Victoria Day - No Classes

May 23rd - 2TL Visit to Greendale

May 25/26th - Bike Rodeo

Grade 2 Swimming Lessons

Just a reminder for Grade 2 families that swimming lessons will be taking place during school hours starting June 5th till the 16th. Swimming is a big highlight for the Grade 2 students and such an important life skill; so on behalf of South Oaks we are excited to participate in this event with our students. We are pleased that all students will be participating and thank you for submitting all your forms within a timely fashion.

Happy Swimming Grade 2's!

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Spring Concert - May 4th (6:30pm-8:30pm)

South Oaks will once again be having a Spring Concert! All the grade 3 & 4 students will be involved, and we want to especially invite the parents of the students in those grades. Of course all South Oaks families and friends are welcome to attend. The concert will be held on Thursday, May 4th in the school gym.

Grade 3 students will perform from 6:30-7:15pm.

Grade 4 students will perform from 7:30pm-8:30pm.

Chocolate Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who supported the South Oaks World's Finest Chocolates Fundraiser. If there are any families that still have product or monies from sales at home, please return it to the school. Thus far, over $7,500 has been raised! The proceeds will be used during the next while to purchase equipment to enhance our assemblies, as well as books for home reading programs, etc.

Thanks for your support.

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Thanks go out to the many parents and children who attended the South Oaks Open House and Bookfair. The students enjoyed giving their parents a tour, and the monies raised from Bookfair sales will go towards purchasing books for the library for next year.

Summer Day Camp

WISE Kid-Netic Energy is a University of Manitoba Faculty of Engineering non-profit organization that runs science, engineering and technology-based workshops throughout the school year. Our students will participate in the science workshop on May 17th or 18th at the school. Topics include the senses, structures, rocks/minerals and a variety of others. We anticipate a great couple of days of learning.

South Oaks "Parent Council" 2016/2017 Update:

Dear Parents The South Oaks Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has been having a wonderful year working with both you and the South Oaks School staff. The purpose of the PAC is to:

● Discuss matters that are relevant to education in the school

● Discuss matters that are relevant to education in the Hanover School Division

● To make parents aware of any matters concerning education in the school and / or within the Hanover School Division

● To provide moral and financial support for educational programs which enhance or enrich the curriculum

We usually meet 4-5 times per school year to discuss these issues and others with our principal, Mr. Dale Martens, and the staff representative, Mr. Craig Froese. This year the PAC was comprised of the following 6 members:

● Tristan Klassen (President)

● Randy Fast (Vice-President and Treasurer)

● Teresa Wiens (Secretary)

● Lorraine Wiens

● Jon Rempel

● Denise Friesen

Some of the projects the PAC have been involved with this past year include:

● The installation of the new K-2 play structure (thank you to Grunthal Lumber, Southwood Ventures, Nelson River Construction, and Southman Skidsteer Services for your generous donations)

● Lobbying for trails to be groomed in the bush to reduce the spread of poison ivy

● The fall QSP magazine fundraiser

● The spring World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser

● Fall Fun Day

● Winter Fun Day

● Teacher appreciation lunch

● School supplies planning

● And other issues as they come up

If any parent has questions, suggestions or concerns for the PAC to address please feel free to forward them to any one of the members. Our contact information can all be found on the school website under the “Parent Council Info” tab.

We will also have an opening for a new member next year. If you or someone you know is interested in joining please get in touch with us.

Thanks again for allowing us to represent you parents within the South Oaks School.


The Parent Council Executive