Diary of Anne Frank

Otto Frank

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Citation for Otto Frank

"Otto Frank (1920)." 1920. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2015.

Otto Frank Bio

Mr.frank was the leader of what was happening in the annex. He was Anne Frank's for her he owned a company where they all hid at. Mr Frank told everyone where to sleep and what the rules are. He was also the person to brake up the fights and arguments.

Can't live with each other

In the diary of anne frank one of the themes are that they hate living with each other. The Von dons just moved into the annex with the Frank's. Anne is not known to sit still for long periods of time, but Peter would stay in his room and didn't like talking to people or being around people. It shows that they don't like living with each other by when Anne takes Peter's shoes and starts running around. “ I’m waiting! (Peter makes a lunge for her. They both fall on the floor Peter pins her down, wrestling her to get the shoes.) Don't! Dont! Peter, stop it. Ouch!”(382). That shows they hate living with each other because they can't relax and have some fun. Another spot in the story that shows that the tension is high between the two families when they were hiding for about two years and it is in the middle of the night “Don't think I haven't seen you! Always saving the choicest bits for him! I've held my tongue. But not any longer! Not after this! Now I want him to go! I want him to get out of here!(425). This shows hate by Mrs. Frank wanting to throw Mrs and mr Van Daan out on to the streets because Mr.Van Daan is eating the bread that the children could be eating.

Friendships and family

Another theme seen in the play is friendships and family. This is shown when Peter and Anne start having long talks up Peter's room. That shows they trust each other Peter saying “you can come in my room anytime and blow off steam”(418) this is also show when they know they don't have room for another person, mr kraler saying “so I've come to you living as you are, but would you take him in with you” mr frank replys “of course we will.”(390) they knew they didn't have enough room but the still took another person in.
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Otto Frank symbol

Mr.frank is like a wolf he takes charge and is strong with people and wants to keep them together. No matter the situation. When they would fight or get in huge arguments mr frank is always the one step in and break it up. If they get discouraged mr Frank talks to them and gives them some hope to keep going. Mr Frank survives the camps that shows his power to keep on going even when times get tough he kept on going.