Monday Coffee Chat!

Monday Sept 19, 2016

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Words of Wisdom from Danielle

We are waking up from summer and making so much progress to set-up our Fall and Holiday calendar. I love these TIPS from Danielle, our Global VP of Training, from last fall and I wanted to share again! SO important to just get back to basics! Love these notes from her chat.

1. Know your WHY

Knowing your why is most important thing in your career, your life, your health, your happiness, relationships, it’s everything, it’s the key to accomplishing anything because it’s a guiding force to everything in my life….it’s how you are motivated.

  • Don’t overthink it
  • Why are you here as a Stella & Dot Stylist?
  • What is your WHY? Why are you a Stella & Dot Stylist?

Write down these questions and answer them - feel free to share here or chat with me about your answers! 90 days from now where do you want to be? IF you could make any amount of money with Stella & Dot in these next 90 days what would it be?

3. #2242
IF I want to make money and have a successful business I have to show up and do something that builds my business more days than it doesn’t. 2242 is the key to everything. If people are doing the 2 reach outs a day and aren’t having the results of the rest of the 242 they aren’t doing 2 reach outs a day. DO it, for 21 days until it becomes a habit. “The chains of habit are to weak to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken"

Who are we going to talk to? Make a personal list:

  • people you went to high school with ‪#‎2aday‬
  • neighbors where you grew up #2aday
  • neighbors where you live now #2aday
  • neighbors in the house where you use to live #2aday
  • mothers neighbor #2aday
  • sisters neighbor #2aday
  • best friend #2aday
  • best friends mother or step mother or grandmother or sister #2aday
  • coworkers at current job, last job, job before that #2aday
  • people you buy services from hair stylist, nail people massage chiro gym, doctor, dentist and support people of all those people #2aday
  • kids friends mothers kids coaches teachers instructors #2aday
  • Local businesses that you support - banks florists gift shops hardware store pizza place #2aday
  • every customer that attended any of your trunk shows
  • the hostesses #2aday
  • connectors - the person in your community who knows everyone else #2aday
  • set up at a local salon - pop up shop - get all hair stylists to wear jewels for week leading up to it - all stylists who sell get 25% back in hostess credits #2aday
  • set up at a bank for the day - tellers wear it for 4 days before - proceeds going to run for the cure - tellers - who sell get 25% back for free ** works great for hockey teams, dance classes or any organization needing to make money donate proceeds back to run for the cure #2aday
  • meet a friend for coffee with a tray of jewellery and talk to strangers - if this scares you come back to your why - figure out your why and you will be able to do this! #2aday
  • Meet different people out and about….go up to different cashiers at your store…someone with accessories and when i go to pay my wallet is under the mini, while I’m paying the mini is sitting on the counter. 50% of the time she doesn’t say anything and i put it in my purse and walk away….the other 50% of the time she will ask what it is…..#2aday
  • walk down the street looking cute and wait for a compliment and do your 30 sec street #2aday


4. Memorize the language to book in tight when someone says YES
I’ve got the 14th or 15th which works better for you. Offer 2 dates 7 to 10 dates away if she says know, ask 2 weeks out

5. Hostess COACH - you have to do it - if you don’t do it you are leaving money on the table

  • set aside a time every week to do hostess coaching
  • use invite system - equals at least 2 extra online orders per trunk show
  • we could always do other things but hear is what i know hostesses who uses systems get 2 more people per show plus extra orders
  • here is what i know for sure - only 1/4 will come so let’s build a big list together
  • be the expert and bring back to what matters
  • the more food you have the less they buy and my job is get you the most for free coffee and cake or wine and cheese depending on your friends
  • do hostess coaching by the book.

6 Do a group hello
If you are afraid of doing a group hello, your why isn’t big enough. Watch Faux show in Stellaverse. Keep to 5 mins short and plant a seed. Know the 3 pieces you are going to style and show them ZOE (demo 2 of them and say - get one tonight and at your trunk show we will get you one for free - and walk away), Getaway and Sutton.

7. Hand out 2 opportunity brochures/show + Follow up
2 people you connect with the most - It was so fun meeting you tonight, I think you would like what I do, take this, I will call you tomorrow and we can talk more about it

8. Never go to a show alone — Bring a stylist, bring a friend, bring anyone and duplicate

9. coach new stylists to book 4 shows in 4 weeks

10. reward yourself. 10% of income aside and reward yourself



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Hostess Coaching Facebook chat!

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 10:30am

As we continue book, book, booking-- we cannot forget to HOSTESS COACH!
Hostess coaching is the key to turning that booking into a incredible profitable trunk show!

Join me online as I walk through some best practices.

Thurs 9/22
10:30 am EST/ 12 noon UTC

RSVP GOING at this link if you can attend live!

Can't make the LIVE chat?
RSVP maybe or no-- the content will be available in this chat room for you to view a later time.
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12 days of Stella ends today! COMPLETE SURVEY!

Your goal was to book as many trunk shows as you desire to hold between NOW and DECEMBER 17th! Contest ends TODAY! At the end of the 12th day, all those (including leaders) who have the following amount of trunk shows booked on their calendars from September 6th through December 17th, will be entered to win the following shopping sprees:

  • 4 shows booked = entry into $300 shopping spree
  • 8 shows booked = entry into $600 shopping spree
  • 12 shows booked = entry into $1000 shopping spree

Full details have been emailed to you by Zandra Gay and Christine Turner or can be found here. THE SURVEY LINK IS HERE TOO:

QUICK START FOR ALL! Get off to a QUICK START this September!

Sell 1,000 PQV this month and get $100 in style! New Stylists who sign up and hit their Quick Start in September double dip on rewards and receive $200 in style! Don't forget the $250 in commission you will earn from selling $1000 PQV this month!


Sell 5,000 PQV, sponsor 2 New Stylists by October 31st, then help them hit their Jumpstart and you will bring in $1000 in FREE PRODUCT CREDIT for YOU!

This challenge, like the first 2 incentives, requires booking trunks shows to sell that $5,000. But this challenge layers in the third piece of BOOK-SELL-SPONSOR......SPONSORING!

Some of you may be thinking-- I'm in! I'm in! Others may be thinking....whoa Nelly.....that sounds like a lot.

Let's break it down:

  • $5000 in sales cumulatively over 7 weeks. That is one show a week with approximately $700 in sales. Doable, right?
  • Now think about 8-10 guests at each of those 7 shows you will be meeting. 60-70 new women and hostesses. Think if you talked about the Stella & Dot opportunity to these ALL guests that 2 women may consider joining us. I think so!
  • Don't forget too-- if your new stylist is selling and so are you, chances are that you promoted to ASSOCIATE STYLIST and beyond. You always earn $250 in product credit whenever you promote a 1st line Associate Stylist. The product credit doubles to $500 if the Stylist is in her Jump Start!

The complete FAQs for BE BOLD challenge are in the Lounge here:


Hi Emily! I hope you are well! Happy September! I am excited to get caught up with friends after the busy summer, as I am sure you are too. It's such a fun reason to get the girls together for a style session. Our gorgeous new Fall arrivals are here and our new luxury line COVET launches Thurs 9/8 Let’s set a date soon! I have ______ or ______ available – what’s best for you? xoxo

Hi Meg!! Happy back to school! What do you think of throwing a kick off to fall with friends?! A Sip and Style with your favorite girls, favorite drinks, and I will bring my favorite S&D accessories! It will be a great way to gather everyone after the fun summer! How's _____, ____ or ____? I will circle back to you tomorrow to hear what you think! Talk to you soon! xo Gina

Hi Karen! I hope that you had a great relaxing Labor Day weekend. We squeezed in our last road trip of the summer. I wanted to circle back around after a a fun summer to see if you wanted to schedule your Stella & Dot show. I would love to still do this for you! The new fall line is here and our luxury line COVET (think 14k gold,diamonds and genuine leather) launches tomorrow. Maybe a Thursday night or Sunday morning? How about XX or XX. Let me know what you think. xo, Gina

Whose going BOLD?? The BE BOLD challenge adds in the element of sponsoring. If you are not sponsoring, it is for one of 3 reasons:

  1. You are not talking about it at all.
  2. You are not talking about it enough
  3. It is how you are talking about it.

Do you know what the STYLIST SNEAK PEEK is? Every Monday night at 9 pm EST, my Dreamchasers pacing group offered a 30 minute Facebook chat to HELP you sponsor and HELP you give any prospective stylist an easy no pressure way to learn about our Stella & Dot gig. These chats are a GREAT tool for YOU to direct gals to consider this gig this fall, as well as teach YOU about how to talk about our opportunity. Weekly, you can find the invitation link in postson our Golden Gem Team Facebook page and in Friday's Coffee Chat newsletter from me.

Next chat is being hosted by YOURS TRULY--- this Monday night at 9 pm est.

Invitation below..

Welcome brand new stylist Robyn Smith from Clarenville, Newfoundland

Robyn is welcomed by her upline Renee Piercey!
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Stylist Sneak Peek every Monday night to help you SPONSOR!

Stylist Sneak Peek is now LIVE for Monday evening 9/13 at 9pm EST/ 6 PST pacific/ 10:30 pm UTC. If you want to grow your team, then you gotta share it every day! Let's get inviting today!

By your request, we have moved this event back to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK CHAT (not a Facebook live through the future stylist group page)

Do you want to grow your team, income & contribution by sharing the S&D Joy?

Don't know WHO or HOW to sponsor?

Need a better SYSTEM due to your very full schedule?

This FB CHAT is an exclusive TOOL offered weekly to our team by my pacing group, The Dream Chasers, to help YOU sponsor. I will lead the chat Monday 9/12 and will be available to answer your guests' questions. We will then direct them back to sign up with you!

Our stylist opportunity is such a GIFT to offer others. You never know who's life you could change...


Follow the 3 STEPS:

STEP 1. Click this link & select "going" so you can invite your potential stylists:

STEP 2. Invite 2+ potential stylists by adding them to the box that says "Invite Guests" in our event... (you must complete Step 1 to do Step 2)...

STEP 3 - Personally reach out to the gals you invited with the "words to say" in comments

Can't access the link. Message me to get added to this private event page. Let's do this together!!


WTS for someone you met at a trunk show:

Hey Jamie! We're having a super casual Facebook chat Monday night about opportunities at Stella & Dot. I think you'd be great because you're so stylish & fun! You can totally just be a fly on the wall...or ask questions if you want. It's at 9pm but once you click "going" you can read live or later. Can I add you to the chat to learn more?
Xo, Kristi

WTS for someone you've recently connected with:

Hi Jodi!
I hope all is well with you and your family! We are doing well here.Call me crazy but I wanted to reach out to see if you've ever been intrigued by what I do as a Stella & Dot Stylist. I'm having an absolute blast and LOVE sharing it with others.

We get gorgeous product, we have an amazing community of women that support one another, and it is a great side gig (that I layer in around yes, my crazy busy We are having a fun and casual online Facebook chat on Monday night at 9PM ET Pacific.

I am going to invite you and if you are at the least bit curious jump on. You can just be a fly on the wall or ask questions if you like. NO pressure at all…just take it as a compliment - I think you would be amazing!

Can’t wait to here what you think and thanks SO much for allowing me to share what I LOVE. If not for may have a BFF who would love it?

WTS which apply to anyone!

Hi! I hope you will join us Monday evening for a FUN half hour or so to learn more about joining Stella & Dot. For what it's worth, I think you would make an AMAZING stylist and it's a GREAT time of year as we are walking into one of our BEST seasons! Here is the link: Just select Join or MAYBE to have access to the fun and info. I'll follow up with you to see what you think. I LOVE being a stylist because I get to earn extra $$ wearing and sharing FAB accessories..many of which I receive for FREE. Join the online event to learn more..look forward to connecting AFTER to see what you think. xo Samantha

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xo, Gina Bogda, Director

Heart of Leadership Director and Founding Leader of the incredible Gem Fatales Golden Gems Team! We are an international team of Stella & Dot stylists who support each other in person and in our virtual board rooms! It's good to be a Golden Gem!