EAT Semester Exam

By: Amber Day



I am an Education Intern at Foster Village Elementary


Appreciation of Teachers

Made our teachers blocks with their names for a christmas present.

Brought Mrs. Drysdale a Starbucks coffee during our Thanksgiving Feast.


Sold cookie dough at the beginning of the year.


I have my own lesson i teach in my class, its a handwriting lesson. I also read a book almost everyday in class. I also do things in my class without being asked.

Education Awareness

UT came to bctal and talked to us about tuition, how to make our essays stand out, and they informed us of deadlines.

I Also went to TCU and they gave us handouts about tuition and other things about the college.

Service Projects

My Future as a Teacher

University of North Texas (UNT)

This is my dream school because it has an amazing teaching program, especially for a public school. Also it is a nice school and it is close to home.

Foster Village Thanksgiving Feast

We decorated the table and each student had their own personal place mat that made. They all brought some food and they sat down and had their feast with their pilgram hats and indian headbands. It was a fun day and it was cool because I got to stay longer than normal and get out of some of my classes.

Foster Village Green Meadows Field Trip

Taylor and I went to the pumpkin farm with our kindergarten classes. Mrs. Drysdale had enough volunteers but Mrs. Fredrickson did not so I got four of her students and we went off by ourselves. There were animals all over the place and we also went on a hay ride.