Anthony Williams 3rd Period

Causes of Deforestation

Most cases of Deforestation are cause by people and their high demand for things such as housing, making room for more farmland, and road ways for cars to go through.

How to solve deforestation

Some ways that people could stop deforestation are by cutting down less trees and using more reusable recourses. Some more ways are if people plant more trees than they cut down and make more forest preserves to stop the increase of deforestation.
Help Us Stop Deforestation
The video was talking about how Deforestation can cause the earth a lot of harm and how us as people should be able to find out solutions to stop what we are doing.


The challenges of trying to find solutions to Deforestation is how people will try to say things about you. another challenge is having people that will stay with you and help you solve the problem.