Exclusive Women's Business Event

One Woman Per Metro Allowed to Participate & Market Herself

Network with Women on Six Continents & Watch Business Doors Open for You

  • Leisurely network in between your business and personal obligations.
  • All of the major events will be recorded so you can listen to them later.
  • Private group will be in place so you can network and promote your business.

Do you want to grow your female client base in a particular metro in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, or Europe or throughout all 6 continents but you don't have the contacts to do so?

Are you planning a national or international book tour, membership drive, team build, business launch, etc.? Then take part in WomenPartner.org's Marketing to Women Pow Wow to meet one woman from each of the key metros around the globe who can open business doors for you.

The event is open to just one collaborative minded businesswoman per metro who will serve as the "face" and voice of her area's women in business market. By representing your metro, you will serve as a resource that they can tap into to expand their female client base in your area while they do the same for you. It's the perfect win win.

Network with likemind women who see the value in using social networking sites as a tool to form collaborative business relationships so they can get stuff done instead of participating in a "yell" fest daily trying to be heard.

You can share the cost of expos and sponsor events of women's business groups to gain access to women in other metros and countries without the expense of travelling. This and other ideas will be fleshed out and implemented by the participants of WomenPartner.org's Marketing to Women Pow Wow.

Only one woman per metro can participate. Don't you want to be THAT woman? Visit http://bit.ly/1e9YGnN for more information about this one of a kind event. Contribute to WomenPartner.org's development fund at the $100 or higher level and you can take part in its Marketing to Women Pow Wow as well as receive 12 months of interaction and partnering.

VIP Networking Passports Available

For women who just want to access the roundtable, emixers, brainstorming sessions, and more,so they can interact with the participants, there are 20 VIP Networking Passports available for only $50 contribution to WomenPartner.org's development fund as well as receive additional PR perks as thanks. http://bit.ly/1e9YGnN

Marketing to Women Pow Wow - Cross Market Your Business Around the Globe

Wednesday, Sep. 25th 2013 at 5pm to Friday, Sep. 27th 2013 at 7pm

This is an online event.

Activities will take place via teleconference.


  • First Ladies of Collaboration Council Roundtable: The best of the best collaborators will have a seat at the opening roundtable and inducted into WomenPartner.org's news leadership board. They are the ladies who helped shape the guest list for WomenPartner.org's Marketing to Women Pow Pow. The topic of discussion will be how to successfully collaborate to build a 6 figure+ business and how to make news so you stand out from the crowd. Sept. 25 3 - 4 PM Eastern
  • Publishers & Connectors Roundtable: Roundtable with publishers of women's business magazines and leaders of women's business groups around the globe who can open business doors for you. Sept. 26 7 - 8:30 PM Eastern
  • Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! Roundtable: Leaders of Shop Local Groups, direct sales consultants, and small businesswomen will discuss ways to work together to make Small Business Saturday a success for their businesses. Sept. 27 5 - 6:30 PM Eastern
  • Metropolitan Marketing to Women Forums: Participants will break up into small groups on Sept. 27 to network and discuss how to market to women in their metro area. They can sign up to participate in one or more time slots.

    1 PM - 2 PM Eastern

    7 PM - 8 PM Eastern

We are WomenPartner.org

WomenPartner.org is the answer to the question "How Do I Market My Company to Businesswomen in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney, & Every Other Major City Around the Globe Using the Local Resources Already in Place?". We create large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base.

Our latest project is a women's news bureau in which business and professional women partner to shine the spotlight on on their local women in business market. The women's news bureau utilizes an innovative hyper-glocal approach for its news organization. It's comprised of over 300 sites reduced down to one audience, women in business covering 6 continents to help business and professional women gather business intelligence to implement niche marketing to women campaigns with Main Street businesswomen on a global, national or local scale depending upon their business goals.

The Marketing to Women Pow Wow will lay the foundation for WomenPartner.org's new direction -- promoting the activities of women's groups and women's publications around the globe while helping them market their excess ad and expo space to women who want to share the cost of them.