By: Curtis, Mya & Rachel

About your authors

Rachel K - I am currently a Junior. I enjoy playing volleyball and spending time with squad. When i'm not playing volleyball I enjoy going to Starbucks and pigging out with Lacey. That's all folks

Mya N - I am in my final year of high school, Thank goodness! I enjoy spending time with my friends and cheering. I plan to attend UNCG with a major in sociology. In my free time I enjoy hitting up buffets and break dancing at the hottest clubs.

Curtis M - Yo, my name is Curtis and I am a Senior. I spend my time listening to multiple genres of music, bodybuilding, gaming, and reading on occasion. Contrary to many of my peers, I avidly enjoy school. Don't forget to pick up our mix-tape. Big C signing out.

Statistics Notes & Resources

Mean: Average (add all numbers and divide by total number items)

Mode : The number that occurs most often (you can have no mode)

Median: (middle) put numbers in order from least to greatest the number in the middle . If you have two numbers in the middle you add the two together and divide to find the median

Range : The biggest number - the smallest number

Line Of Best Fit - A line on a graph showing the general direction that a group of points seem to be heading.

Standard Deviation

  1. Mean of the whole list (add all and divide total items)

  2. Subtract the mean from each # on the list

  3. Square those #’s

  4. Find your new mean (found the variance)

  5. Square root of the variance = Standard deviation

Overall notes