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Science Explorations: Session 2, Week 2

June 19, 2013

Weekly Update

This week in Science Explorations, students have continued to stretch their minds and challenge themselves scientifically! They have been working hard on solving and sharing brain teasers, completing scientific experiments, and exploring science. Students have also been coming up with their own experiment variations - changing one variable of their choice at a time to extend the experiment. Here are some of the experiments students have completed since last week:

  • Different amounts of water in cups, Food Coloring, and Pencils - "Making Music"
  • --> Students had to make music using differing amounts of water in cups to make different "notes". They created songs, and experimented with color, tone, sound waves, and tunes. They explored why they achieved the results they did.
  • Paper Towel Strips, Water, and Markers - "Traveling Colors 2"
  • --> Students completed a variation of the first Traveling Colors experiment by coloring with marker on the end of the paper towel strip, rather than dying the water beforehand, and compared results. They then came up with their own variation of the experiment, changing one variable to achieve a new result.
  • Water, Vegetable Oil, Food Coloring, and Alka Selzer Tablets - "Lava Lamp"
  • --> Students created their own lava lamps!
  • Vinegar, Baking Soda, Food Coloring - "Vinegar Volcanoes"
  • --> Students created their own volcano, and tested how long it would stay active!

Students have also worked on science challenges and write in their science notebooks this week. Looking forward to next week!


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