Welcome to Coordinate Algebra

Ms. Tatum, Room G12

Just so you know...

Coordinate Algebra is a big step towards become a proficient mathematician. It continues laying the groundwork for more advanced mathematics throughout high school, college and beyond!

This year, we're making math fun, engaging, and interactive. You're going to work hard- probably harder than you ever thought you could, and you're going to learn a lot.

We adhere to a high standard of excellence, both behaviorally and academically. So always bring your A game and keep in 100.


What you'll need

You'll need:

3 ring view binder

  • graph paper
  • notebook paper
  • 5-tab dividers
Writing utensils (pencils or pens)
Dry Erase Markers

Eraser (you can use a clean sock)

Send me an e-mail or a text or come speak to me in person if getting any of these things will be a problem.

You are required to have everything by Monday, August 11.

This will count as a homework grade.