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March Edition

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If you could make an info-graphic like the one above for YOUR classroom, what would it look like?

An infographic is a visual representation of knowledge. These are great tools for sharing information with students in a visually appealing way. There are many pre-made infographs available to you, or you can create your own in just a few minutes. This website by the amazing Kathy Schrock will tell you everything you need to know!

School Highlights

Amplify On Campus

Megan McBain (Amplify CTC) will be with us for the rest of the year at Aycock and Mendenhall. Her schedule is MW- Aycock and TTh- Mendenhall.

Michelle Pittman is the Amplify CTC that will be at Newcomers.

Be sure to say Hi to these ladies when you see them around!

Be in the Know

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you in the know.

Changes to Student Avatars

    • Teachers can now see their students avatars on the Select Student screen
    • Student Avatars are now visible in the Discussion tool
    • For helpful guides and information, visit our Knowledge Base and our online community for helpful information and to engage with fellow teachers around the country

Become a DEN Ambassador: If you are interested in being a part of this innovative program please click here: Search for DiscoveryEd and continue as you would with any other professional development.

Troubleshooting 101- Visit and bookmark this Amplify Troubleshooting link. The folks in New York update this site frequently and should be your first resort when things go wrong with the tablet.

Strategy Spotlight - Choice Boards

Choice boards are a differentiated instructional strategy that empowers students. One of the goals of your developing PLE is to increase student ownership by allowing them choice in how they wish to showcase mastery. When students are given the freedom to choose their projects, the quality of work -- and student pride -- soars.

Simply put, a choice board is an organizer that contains different activities based on student interests and abilities. From the teacher perspective, you will see the level of excitement and willingness to learn increase in your classroom.

Choice boards can be employed a variety of ways - from a printed document, a display board to online access, find a method that works best for you and your students. You'll find many examples on the Dare to Differentiate wiki. Also ask your PLEF for guidance in creating a choice board to cater to the various learning styles in your classroom.

Below are digital resources that make it easy to share Choice Boards with students:

1. Blendspace

2. Jeopardy PPT Template

3. Tic Tac Toe PPT Template

4. Discovery Education Board Builder

5. Smore

6. QR Codes

Differentiate Instruction Using Choice Boards

Contact Your Learning Coordinator

Monday and Wednesday @ Mendenhall

Tuesday and Thursday @ Aycock

Friday @ District Office or Newcomers