What your favorite TV program

We like this programs, Because so exciting and shocking&nice CG.

Park jina likes CRIMINAL MINDS. Because inference substance is interesting.

Kim hyeung bae likes Spatacus. Because brutalit&bloodly.

CINE MUSIC, 크리미널 마인드9, Criminal Minds 9, 1/8 (수) 밤 11시 첫방송

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

We like this magazines. Because these are variety of information can be obtained.

for example : Fashion,Computer,Pyrography information.

Park jina likes GQ, This is so sexy people photo, so I'm happy :)

Kim hyeung bae likes Macworld because he likes computer.

Adam Scott's Worst Fashion Mistake -- GQ Style Bible -- Celebrity Interview

Which game show do you like the best? why?

We really love American god talent.

Because this program show is so touching and funny,

Britains got talent - susan boyle (HQ) 수잔 보일 (한글 자막) 브리튼스 갓 탤런트

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

First video is good, beacuse public service advertisement.

Second video is bad, because this is so dirty :( not good.

외국의 교통사고 공익 CF 외 광고 CF 입니다.
[자막] 존나웃긴 미국 암내제거제 광고 (old spice odor blocker) WTF boom

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