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I created a Twitter page that was designed to bring up players who would not normally by able to play because they are the ones most effected by bullying by another Teammate

What a team should look like

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I started with the idea that there is a serious problem among teammates in Silver Creek. The top players think they are superior to weaker players and feel a need to openly express that through bullying. I started my page, and posted my first Tweet after the Niwot game Tuesday. After that I started to follow other SCLA respect page along with other inspirational leaders, to boost credibility for my page.


I feel everyone did a great job at the Niwot game today. A speical congrats to Jake, Sam S. and Connor for stepping up today
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1. I think this is getting attention because a team is supposed to be a unit and why would a unit bully its members.

2. The impact I believe I am making is bringing up people who normally would not get a voice.

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