Basic Wilderness Survival Skills


  1. If your out in the wilderness in the cold try to stay where the sun is so you won't be as cold.
  2. Find some wood and to make a fire the steps to making a fire, Have a sharp knife or have a strong pocket knife, find some useable wood, split the wood, make kindling, arrange your fire, spark your tender, slowly add wood.
  3. Try to keep all your clothes on and don't get them wet because it would make it colder then what it already is.



Eating berries are good for eating but not all.

  1. Mistletoe, is not poisonous but if you eat a large amount it can cause blurred vision, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.
  2. Holly Berries, are really poisonous do not eat.
  3. Jerusalem Chery, looks like a tomato but it is not a tomato it is very poisonous.
  4. Wild Strawberry, are good to eat you could pick them and eat them.



If you get water from a little puddle or river I'm 100% that it will have bacteria. To clean that bacteria this is what you do.

Form a cone out of a strip of bark. Birch bark, or a bark similar to it, and it is best for creating this filtering system because it is flexible, and will keep its shape. Keep in mind that this method will not fully purify the water, but it will reduce the amount of microbes in the water. This method should only be used in extreme emergencies.

  • If you are having a hard time keeping your bark in the shape of a cone, you could try tying a piece of rope or a durable type of grass around it to keep its shape.

First aid kit

You will need a first aid kit because if you get bit by an animal, or hurt trying to get food or anything you will need bandages, and stuff to clean the injury you have.


  1. Find a suitable place to build.
  2. Search for an object to brace the shelter against.
  3. Find sticks to lean against the horizontal brace.
  4. Pile small branches and twigs over the stout sticks.
  5. Pile small debris such as leaves, grass, and moss over the frame.


You will need a back pack so you can carry all your things in so they wont get lost.


You will need a compass to know you are going and so you wont get lost and so you wont go somewhere you not suppose to be. If you did not bring a compass you will just need to make your on or find a way to tell where your going and i know away. Look at the clouds and see witch way the clouds are moving and that wil tell you west or east.


You will need a flashlight because when it gets dark you will need to see what's around you and where are you.


You will need sunscreen because you don't want to get sunburn or get darker so get some sunscreen.


You will need to bring a jacket or a rain coat because if it is cold or if it rain you don't want to be cold/wet.