Addy Perry

Eminem Description

Eminem is also called “Rap God”. His childhood was very hard. His dad left his family, his mom was addicted to prescription drugs and never kept a job. She physically and mentally abused Eminem and later in life filed a $10 million lawsuit against him. At school he was considered weird and had no close friends. He was beat up and had to redo 9th grade three times. He eventually dropped out of school at age 17. Later in life he married his wife. They later divorced, then remarried, then divorced again. Eminem and his ex-wife were parents to 3 kids. Pretty soon, he got addicted to sleeping pills and prescribed pain killers, which made him almost die from overdose.
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Winston Churchill Sequence

First, he started as a young troublemaker and not the best student. Next, he became interested in politics. Later, he became a famous author and experienced writer. Then, he became depressed and sick. He was still determined to push through, though. Finally, he went into a coma, had a stroke, and died.

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Roar and Eye of the Tiger Compare and Contrast

The song Roar and Eye of the Tiger are the same in some ways, and different in other ways. The way they are the same is that they are both putting messages in people listening to the songs that they can do anything if they just keep trying and believe in themselves even if the haven’t ever been able to do it in the past or they have never tried. A difference is that Roar is trying to help you be confident, while Eye of the Tiger is saying to fight and that you can win.

An Oscar Winning Strategy Problem and Solution

Sylvester Stallone is passionate for being in the movie business. The problem is, that he wanted to be the actor. He ended up selling his dog and turning down a couple hundred thousand dollars!! To figure everything out, they came to a compromise to $35,000 for the script and for him to be in the movie. He later bought back his dog.

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Losing to Win Cause and Effect

There were many low income girls who were set up for failure and didn’t have any support. They were forced to play on a basketball team at their school. They started out hating it and thinking it was stupid because they were always losing. At the end of the year they ended up loving the team and building trust in their teammates. They may have not won their last game, but they won the confidence and support they deserved.

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