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Miracle Team, September 2015 Newsletter

A little note from me......

Happy Fall & Fall in Love with Thirty-One !

I decided to start a newsletter for our beautiful Team as it starts to grow. The last seven months has been an amazing journey for me. Promoting to Director this month has been a Thirty-One blessing from God for my family. Thank you for being on this road with me!

Fall is a great time to book, recruit & sell !!! Statistics show that this time of the year brings the best sales for our Thirty-One consultants. Let's work as a Team & be "Better Together" !

Warmest hugs,


Antonia Schoembs, Director

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Upcoming Birthdays🎂 Kim Schauer, October 2nd



When you submit $600 in Personal Volume from Oct. 1-15, Thirty-One will send you the new Jewell Around Town Tote – a $78 value – for FREE! To make it even better, you’ll have the option of adding a FREE large monogram to your tote!


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Booking Ideas- Here are 31 đź’— ways:

1. Place a catalog in the teacher's lounge at your child's school.

2. Advertise in your college alumni newsletter/Facebook page.

3. ring flyers with gift ideas to fire stations.

4. Put a catalog in the break room at work.

5. Give a catalog to the receptionist at your doctor or dentist.

6. Mail a catalog to a friend or co-worker who has moved.

7. Place catalogs at local hotels and see if you could leave flyers too.

8. Leave catalogs whenever you go on an appointment.

9. Ask your hairdresser if you can leave catalogs in the waiting room.

10. Place ads in school newsletters.

11. Have your spouse promote Thirty-One at work.

12. Ask past hostesses at your shows to talk about their FREE product.

13. Have a shopping party for men before big holidays.

14. Contact local cheerleading and gymnastics groups for fundraisers.

15. Encourage your hostesses and top customers to host a show with each catalog.

16. Keep catalogs on hand at all times to pass out.

17. Contact schools and see if you can do a fundraiser.

18. Always carry a Thirty-One product to show off.

19. Ask friends to host for you.

20. Host a show at the PTO meeting.

21. Have a table at craft fairs and vendor events.

22. Offer a wish list for b-days, Christmas, weddings and births.

23. Encourage your family to host a show.

24. Send out a monthly email to your customer's to let them know about the specials.

25. Give Thirty-One as gifts.

26. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards at local businesses.

27. Go to a health spa and set up a table for a few hours.

28. Encourage your family and friends to carry their Thirty-One bags and keep your business cards on hand.

29. Advertise in your church bulletin.

30. Go to local dance schools and leave your catalogs.

31: Ask your parents to hand out mini catalogs at their jobs.



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*** My Favorite Quote ***

" In a word, be a saint; that says everything. "

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Have a successful October!!!!! GO TEAM SCHOEMBS!!!!!!!!