Charlize Theron

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Life Wasn't Always Easy

Charlize Theron was born on August 7, 1975 into a four-person family who lived in Benoni Guateng, South Africa. She didn't have many friends and never really fit in, but she lived a normal life. But there was a dark secret her mother, brother and herself were forced to keep. Although to others, Charlize's father looked happy and sociable, he had a dark side whenever alcohol came into play. He frequently had outbursts where he would physically abuse his wife and verbally abuse his daughter. Thankfully, Charlize's mother sent her to boarding school so she would only have to endure her father's madness occasionally; but one fateful day, when Charlize arrived at home from boarding school, trouble was in the air. Her father had been at a bar drinking with her brother, and had just come home, angry and drunk. Charllize had been doing her homework upstairs when she heard a ruckus coming from below. When she came into the kitchen, she was shocked to see her mother's finger on the trigger of their household gun, with the barrel pointed at her father. Unfortunately, a gunshot ensued and Charlize's father was forever gone.

How Acting Opened Doors for Theron

After the incident, Charlize's mother desperately wanted to rid her daughter of the bad memory, so she sent her overseas to model where Charlize took up ballet. There she danced 'Swan Lake' and 'the Nutcracker. A tragic knee injury shattered her dancing dreams forever, but fortunately, this led to her discovery of acting. Charlize's mother gave her a check for $500.00 and a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, California, hoping there was a better future for her daughter there. Charlize arrived in a big city knowing no one, with only hopes and dreams to her to keep her afloat. The young actress tried to cash her check from her mother but the bank was unable to because it was an out of state check. An exasperated Charlize caused a scene and ironically was noticed by an acting agent who happened to witness her outburst. She received his card in exchange for learning how to speak English, Afrikaans being her native language. She kept her promise and within months she was given her first role: a non-speaking mother in a park in a B-film at only 20 years old. Two years later, she starred in 'The Devil's Advocate,' a very popular movie. When she later on starred in 'Monster,' Charlize claims that she used her personal experience to help her play the role of a scarred child. Today, Charlize has an adopted six year old boy, Jackson Theron. She is not married, claiming "I'm happy for people who want to get married. It's not my thing."

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Charlize Theron on her life, career, and South African homeland