Perseverance to Triumphs

By: Alex Tortora 6/2/15

Personal Definition of Perseverance

Perseverance can be defined a someone who faces adversities and does it anyway no matter how hard it may seem. For example somebody may be going through some emotional hardships, instead of becoming angry or combative he might go to his parents or someone to help him go through the adversity.

Description of the adversities of Leroy and Dartanyon

Leroy and Dartanyon faced lots of adversities. Leroy lost his legs due to a freight train the result lowered his trust greatly. Dartanyon was legally blind. Dartanyon showed great resilience by using his strength in wrestling, it built his character which made him have structure. During wrestling he met Leroy. They went to Lincoln high school in inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. When they graduated they also faced another adversity, they had no money and no food they would sometimes even have to scavenge for scraps of food to eat. They had no money so they couldn't go to college which they wished to go
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How Lauren Hill lived her life with VIPG

Lauren Hill chose to play basketball at Mt. St. Joseph. 49 days later she unfortunately found out that she had VIPG and had only about two years to live maximum. She resolved not to live the rest of her life in a bed. She became determined to help other children with VIPG and contributed to making a fundraiser to help many children. Lauren had only one wish, she wished that she could play one game of college basketball. She got her wish and had a great basketball game. She then spent the rest of her life trying to help others by making speeches and challenges, she then died at 19 years old.
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The Effect of Brian Williams Lie

When Brian Williams lied about his helicopter getting forced down due to enemy fire he effected lots of people including himself. When he lied he probably was seeking attention or to be the "hero" not the wimp. Later he faltered in speech saying it wasn't his helicopter that was forced to land it was the one in front of him. Doing this made many people suspicious and later found out about the lie. Doing so he broke the trust of millions and was suspended from his job for six months he would also get no pay.
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As you can see there are actually many ways you can persevere. Some helped others while other people had personal struggles. Triumphs can be major some can be minor but I believe that perseverance comes from one person then spreads to another.