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the basics about typhus

Headaches ,chills ,fever, and general pain are some of the symptoms of typhus. Many people already exposed to typhus by the animals and insects that carry it. Some cases of typhus can be fatal. Typhus spreads very fast, its better to be safe than sorry!
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rodent flea

This flea is infected with typhus, the flea is attached to a rat which will soon infect others including people. When the rat becomes public to people the rat can carry the very deadly contagious disease.

how to avoid typhus and ways to cure it

Typhus is a transmitted disease that many will get from rodents, cattle, lice, fleas, ticks, and mites. Typhus is a very deadly disease, but with the correct treatment you can get rid of it. We have vaccines and certain medicine that will cure it. Another way is to stay away from rodents and animals that could be contaminated with the typhus disease. In conclusion the best way to prevent typhus is too just simply stay away from fleas, lice, ticks, and mites. These insects carry lots of diseases and could be carrying the typhus disease.
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most common way to get typhus (lice)

Lice is one of the main causes of typhus. Lice is very easy to get in general its spread so quickly that any louse bug could be infected with the typhus disease. Lice are bugs that live on the scalp of your head, when lice are infected with typhus they can transmit the disease into your body. Lice is the most common way to receive typhus. Don't worry if you do discover you have lice, lice is a very common thing to get, just remember not all lice is infected with the typhus disease , but you always want to make sure that the lice isn't infected with the typhus disease.

symtoms of typhus

Typhus has many deadly horrible symptoms, including headache, loss of appetite, very bad temperature, chills, fever, and nausea. After four to six days after having typhus you may experience a rash and flushed bleary vision. The temperature will reach the maximum range of the first week. On the twelfth day of having typhus the temperature will start to decrease and symptoms will start to decrease, this is a sign of getting better. On the 14th or 16th day of recovery you will experience weakness and maybe signs of depression.

rather be safe than sorry

As you can see typhus is not a fun disease to have, with bugs and animals that carry typhus we need to keep ourselves clean and typhus free. Take your family to monthly doctors appointments and remember to wash your hands. Staying clean is the best way to stay away from typhus. If your children or family member has typhus make sure to see a doctor immediately and find ways to treat your case of typhus. Typhus is treatable but if treated lately some cases could be fatal. Keep you and your family safe, always be safe than sorry.

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