Alanah Barr

Describe what I did yesterday

Yesterday, I went to my grandparents house and we just chilled. I have pretty cool grandparents and I can't live without them. My mom made chicken Alfredo and oh my gosh it was amazing. You know that feeling when you get money and you feel happy. That is how food makes me feel. If I could marry food I would. I went to sleep for a bit then woke back up. I play Minecraft so I went and did technical stuff for it and yeah.

Something I do well

Something I do well is dance. I am a versatile dancer. I can do any style of dance, except Ballet and Tap. I been dancing since I was 3. I am a self taught dancer. Music is like dreaming with your feet. When I dance I feel free, not stressed, and relief. I will put it this way, I can start a dance doing Jazz and midway you can change it to contemporary and I can transit to that style
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Something about my childhood

Well I will sum up my childhood up until I was 12. My childhood was me thinking I was famous and singing in a paddle brush. This is when I was like 4. When I was 5 I started the world of Kindergarten. It was amazing, I always looked forward to nap time. When I was in the 1st grade I went on a cruise. First time ever and when I got back I was glad. I actually use to like school. In the 2nd grade I had to move schools. Leaving all my friends behind and I had to make new ones. This school was more huge it was 2 stories, and the halls were long. I wasn't worried though, I had my older sister there. At the time she was in the 5th grade. In the 3rd grade is when the fun began. I went to my first school dance. I entered a dance competition and won $10 dollars. Lucky me right? Skipping to the fourth grade, I moved back to my old school. Once again I had to leave all my friends back at that school. I then met one of my closes friends that I know today. In the 5th grade is when it went downhill. I was 10, and I gained weight. I had no friends. My 2 two close friends weren't in my class. I was called fat by people and it wasn't good. I sat on the border of the playground wondering why I had no friends and why no one wanted to talk to me. I didn't know someone had a crush on me. Like it was mind-blowing. In the 6th grade, I was reunited with my friends and we got more close. The story ends in the 7th, I was 12. I dyed my hair red. The coloring grew out in like 1 year. I lost weight and everyone talked to me.I don't talk to the people who called me names anymore. Otherwise my friends, I been close to my best friends ever since
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Something about me I learned last week

I learned that I am good at procrastinating. I can have a assignment due the next day and I will find some excuse to put it off to a later time. It is becoming a bad habit because I want to start trying in my classes and my little procrastinating self won't allow me too. It is stressful because I know I need to do it but I am partially lazy so I can't and I won't get it done. Somehow I am going to try and fix that problem though.
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Something I can't live without

I absolutely can not live without my phone. It is my baby and my world. I have my music on there which is another addiction. I am big on social networking and I have to check Instagram at least 30 times a day. I don't really get on KIK a lot but I do if I am texting a friend off there and stuff. YouTube is a babe, I love it so much. I can waste time if I need too. Also I have to say 'What a babe' sooner or later. I use it in a sentence if I get beat on a game I slam my computer (not literally) and whisper yell "Ugh, what a babe". I can't live without saying the word 'like'
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Something I love to watch/listen to

I love watching Dance Moms. I love dance and the stuff they say is hilarious. I feel like I can relate to them on how they feel about dance. So many things go on in that show. I love to listen to The 1975 because they voice is oh my gosh. Music helps me get through the day, or class. Many times a day I will get on my phone to change my playlist and at one point I had 300 songs on one playlist and I had to delete some because my phone has a storage maximum and space was running out. I love watching the Food Network due to my love for food. I don't go watch it to find new recipes, I go watch it because the food looks good. I mean, lets be honest.