Digital Citizenship project

Joselin S. P.2

Rule # 1 Digital Etiquette

Sometimes people always be mean in the internet like flaming,and flamewars. These people are trolls that, how people called them. But people sometimes forget the rules. Like in real life you should be treat kindness.If you don't want some body be mean to you. So be nice to them and don't be rude to anyone else.If you write capital letters then people think you are yelling or screaming. And you don't need to be mean to other or nice, because it only is to communicate. But think before you post, so think about that.

Rules # 2 Information Privacy

When someone is in the streets and said, "What is your email." But you said, "No." Even the same thing as the internet. If you don't know about the web site then you have to go to privacy policy. So you can read the information about the web site.But if are lazy to read it.Then be careful.

Rule # 3 Social Networking

Social Networking is to meet each other in internet to communicate.

Rule # 4 Online Sources

You can research online in school, but you can do it in the public liberty to finish your homework or anything else. And there is a lot of information in the internet.

Rule # 5 Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is being mean at internet. When you are being mad or upset. So think about it before you write because it stay on internet.

Rule # 6 Plagiarism

Plagiarism is you can't steel somebody idea.