How the Vacuum Cleaner came to be!

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The vacuum cleaner that James Spangler made was put in stores on June 2, 1908. James Spangler was a janitor who saw the opportunity to make things better for clean freaks like him. He made the first vacuum cleaner. James Spangler had a disease from a carpet sweeper he used every day for his job. That is how he got so enthusiastic about building this machine. Spangler came up with the idea for a portable vacuum cleaner and sold it in department stores after he built it. He attached the motor from the sewing machine onto a carpet sweeper. Then he cut a hole in the back and attached blades. He put on a leather belt and he was done.

How it works

A suction fan is used in vacuums to suck up dirt from hard to find places like carpet. Outside air comes in to the vacuum at a rapid speed which grabs the dirt with it. The dirt then goes to the dust bag and stays there. The air gets filtered from the dust and leaves the exhaust.
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How it evolved

First in the 1900s they had carpet sweepers, then the portable vacuum cleaner made of a pillow case and a sewing machine motor, and now we have vacuum cleaners that can deep clean your carpet with water and soap. Today we still use a suction fan and a motor. It is more complex today because instead of using a pillow case we use a bag that can separate the dirt and air. Now there are even vacuum cleaners that are small and round and go around your house for you
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