My Digital Dossier

-Elisa Luo

My little moments

My parents took a lot of pictures of me when I'm young, and some of the most important pictures are the ones of me first time sitting up, and my first steps (the pictures above are not me). They would use their email to send these pictures to all my relatives.

Elementary School

My teacher would post pictures of all kinds of events onto our online website, it is available to all people, so our parents could check out what we have done in school.

My Social Media Accounts

I got my first social media account- QQ, in 2011, and 2 months later, I got my WeChat account. Finally, I got Skype in 2013. Anyone can see my profile and talk with me on QQ, Skype, and WeChat, that is why I putted up fake information about myself.

Computer Searching

I use computer to play games, search up information for projects, and also watch videos. All these subjects I search up would show up as "searched on my account", just like how Youtube would show recommendations from you previous watched videos and searched subjects on YOUR ACCOUNT.


The GPS on my cellphone could track where I went, when I went there, and how many times I have been there. Also, on a Apple device, it would tell you where you took your picture and when you took your picture.