Mobile Apps in K - 12 Classrooms

EDU 210


Fotobabble is an app that lets students take pictures or search for pictures and use those pictures to tell a story. The app makes users verbally tell their story or relay the information. The site also allows students to find pictures that do not have copyright limitations. This app does require students to sign up to be able to use their service.

Fotobabble in the Classroom

This tool is usable in many grade levels, although I would use this specially for grade 2 and 3. This could be used in a really creative way to allow students to tell their own story. Teachers could allow their students to take a photo of something they think is interesting or something that they would like to talk about. The students would then create a story based around the photo they have chosen. This app allows students to record themselves telling their story. This is great for students that do not talking in front of their peers.
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This is also available in the Apple App Store!

2. Animation Creator

Animation Creator HD

This app allows people to create their own animations. It does have a small fee of 99 cents for use on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Animation Creator in the Cassroom

I would use this app for many grade but, again, I would use this specifically for grade 3. Students are able to make illustrations for a story they have written. This app also allows for students to add audio to their creations if they would like to tell the story that way as well.
iPad App REVIEW - Animation Creator HD


This is an app that allows the user to create pictures using different methods of using pastels. This is great for younger students so they can practice with the app before using the real thing. They are able to see how the pastels react on paper and able to see what happens when they use the technique of smudging, for example. Available for use on iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

iPastels in the Classroom

As with the other apps listed, this app could be used in many classrooms but I would use this with grade 3 students. I would use iPastels to give students the opportunity to interact with pastels before they use the real thing. It would give them ideas of what they could create when they use the real thing. I would challenge them to create the same on paper as the did on the device. They would be able to reflect on the difference between the one created on the device and the one created on paper.
Check out more information about iPastels

Also available in the Apple App Store!

Phonics Awareness, 1st Grade

This app helps children with pre-reading skills. it aids with things such as vowel sounds, segmenting sounds, and blending sounds.

Phonics Awareness in the Classroom

This method would be used in a grade one classroom. I would use it to help students that was extra practice or students that are having more difficulties. It allows teachers to track their progress and see how the students are doing and where they need more practice.
Phonics Awareness, 1st grade
Check out the website for more information!

Available on the Apple App Store!


The app is designed to create videos using screen shots, photos, video clips, or sound clips.

Videolicious in the Classroom

I would use this app in all grades. It is very simple and easy to use. I would use this to allow students to act out stories that they have made or stories that we have read in the classroom. They could make the scripts and decide which students are playing which roles.
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Available on the Apple App Store!