By: Emily Burant

Big Blue Freediving

Enjoy Thailand by enjoying some fun activities in the water. These activities include: snorkeling with animals, swimming, and more. This place also has diving lessons, competitions and meet new people! All of this starting at the price of $0 (Big Blue FREEdiving).

Phuket Game Zone

Koh Lipe

Enjoy the beaches in this small area. Go surfing, enjoy Thai food, or enjoy the view. This resort had plenty to offer for your family, or even just you! The light blue waters are perfect for swimming in or for enjoying the sunset.

The Escape Hunt

Enjoy a fun scavenger hunt in the beautiful place of Thailand. Look back 100 years in history and good for a hunt. Find items and meet new people. This will build teamwork, all while learning new things!

Temple of Golden Buddha

This temple is a highly visited place in Thailand. Not only is it visited tons of times, it is also made of pure gold! This temple weighs around 5 1/2 tons! This temple is very sacred and beautiful. This is defiantly and place to visit when going to Thailand.