I'm Torn

Witch Is Better? Snapchat or Instagram?

Snapchats Advantages

Snap chat has many advantages, including no social pressure. There is no pressure of the likes and comments just views witch can only be seen on your logged in screen. Another great love is you always know who's watching. When you post a picture or video on your Snapchat story you can see who has viewed, screenshoted, and replayed. This is a great because there are creeps out there. When you want to post something all you have to do is go to the camera take it and post it, it's that simple!


There both a way to connect with people and get the juiciest gossip.

instgrams advanges

Instagram and snapchat are very different. You can connect with people all around the globe. You can keep up with your favorite drama and with far away family at the same time. Instagram has likes and comments, witch is social pressure. But you can block or report anyone or a comment you don't like. Instagram is safe and easy.