The Cotton Gin

By: Kalayah Wells 6A

What is the cotton gin?

The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1794. It was created to separate the seeds from the cotton fibers. This invention helped speed up the process of cotton picking.
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Why did he create it?

At this time South Carolina was very well known for its cotton production. They had slaves that would go out into the fields and pick the cotton fibers, and take the seeds out. This process took a very long time and at the rate they only made one pound of cotton a day.

How the cotton gin affected us then and now.

  • The cotton gin sped up the process of cotton picking
  • It increased the amount of thread (which increased the amount of clothes made)
  • It also caused a lot of conflict about slavery back then.
  • Without it, we wouldn't be making the clothes like we do now
  • we would probably still have to pick cotton if it wasn't for this invention.
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Modern Cotton GIn

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