Bohemian Immigrants

By: Brynn

Where The Bohemian Immigrants Settled

The Bohemian Immigrants settled in Texas and Wisconsin! They also left Czech Republic because of world war 1 and 2 .Traditions from Czech Republic they loved getting desserts from people and making them for people!,_Part_8_(2061041095).jpg

So facts of why they left

Some difficulties to get to America high seas, sea sickness, crowded ships and crowded people

the jobs that they were hoping for we're to work in factory's and bakery's because they love making desserts for people!

Some homeland traditions were on December 24-26 was Christmas and they have Easter to like us! They also have on November 2nd was All Soul's Day and on December 5th they have St Nicholas Day!

Some interesting facts about Czech Republic their first year in America is 1901 and someone is Czech Republic hade made a song called " Where Is My Home?"

This Is a Recipe To Make Speedy Kneecaps!

You wil need these ingredients

1 can of Biscuits

Oil (for frying)

Powered Sugar (optional)

Cool Whip

A Deep Fat Fryer Or Heavy Sauce Pan

The Next Step Is Too...

Heat about 1 quart oil to 350

Sparate your 1 can of into 10 Biscuits

Then Make an indetion in each biscuit

Then in Fry oil for 1 1/2 minutes on each side

Drain on paper towel

Put in bag and put a cup of powdered sugar and toss the fried biscuits

Arrange with whipped cream to each center!

Hope You Enjoy!

By: Brynn