A Blocky 32 Bit World

Details & Specs

Minecraft is a game that runs off of a program called java. It was coded and created by a man who goes by the name of "Notch" in 2009. Since then it has sold over 12.7 Million copies. At $30 each, that means in 4 years Minecraft has sold over 382 million dollars in sales.

How it started.

Notch had always dreamed of a very simple, clean and professional game. After coding the very basic version of the game a company named mojang decided to publish the game to take it to new heights. Notch in late 2012 stepped down as the leader of Minecraft and handed it to his partner Jeb. In my opinion ever since he handed over Minecraft to Jeb the game has gone down hill in simplicity and is more complicated then ever intended.

Inside the game.

Minecraft should come with a warning! "Warning! Highly Addictive!" The objective of minecraft is to survive. During the day which typically lasts roughly 8-10 minutes you are to rush to get supplies (like wood, sand, dirt etc). When the night stikes (night typically lasts about 6-12 minutes) monsters, zombies, and green monsters come out to play, and by play they mean kill you. You can make tools and dig into the ground. As you get deeper, you can find new ores and mysterious blocks. But remember the deeper you dig, the more you realize. You. Are. Not. Alone.