Franz Kafka

Anecia Davis


Born July 3, 1883. Kafka was the member of a Jewish family who lived in Prague, Bohemia. The family included three daughters and three sons. Franz was the oldest of the sons, by age 6 the two younger brothers had died. Neither of Kafka's parents approved of him wanting to be a writer. His father had a terrible temper, this is one of the many personal struggles Kafka dealt with while growing up. Below is the order of kids from oldest to youngest:

1. Franz

2. Georg

3. Heinrich

4. Gabriele

5. Valerie

6. Ottilie

The Road to Kafka's Success

For his high school years Kafka attended Altstädter Staatsgymnasium, this school is for the academic elite. After his high school years he enrolled at Charles Ferdinand University of Prague. Franz started out as a chemistry major but then quickly changed to law. This pleased his father and allowed him to take art and literature classes.

The Work of a Celebrity

The most successful short-story is The Metamorphosis, completed in 1912. This story is about a man who wakes up to find himself transformed into an insect. At the bottom of the page you can listen to the famous story

Other Pieces of Work

In Kafka's writing he uses his personal struggles that he had as a child.

* In the Penal Colony

* The Judgment

* A Hunger Artist

* A Country Doctor

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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka (Free Audio Book in English Language)