Important Information!

Novel and upcoming Exam

Uglies Novel

Parents, we have been reading the novel Uglies by Scott Westerfeld for a month in class now. Last Friday the students completed an assessment over part 1 and I invite you to take a look at their grade via home access center, if you do not have access please let me know and I will get you the information on how to access your student's grades.

Though some students are keeping up with their readings, there are many who are not. The assessment grade was a wake up call for them and with the weekend coming up I wanted to send out the links to both the audio books and the free online PDF. Due to the books being borrowed from other schools, I can not send them home with your student, but these online tools are great alternatives to having the book in hand.

Novel Exam

Thursday October 20th

The Uglies Novel Exam is next Thursday over Parts 1 and 2 of the novel. There will be comprehension questions, character questions, quotations (the students will match which character said what), and a cold reading of an article the relates to the novel with questions on it and connection questions to the novel, as well as a Short Answer Response (SAR) question.